Yugi-oh Trading Card Game Rules To Play With Respect

Yugi-oh Trading Card Game Rules To Play With Respect

The Yugioh trading card game is growing in popularity, with many players in countries around the world. Dedicated players everywhere are familiar with the specific and complex set of etiquette rules that govern the official battle rounds. The official guide to the Yugioh trading card game urges players to proceed with plenty of courtesy. Here’s a quick guide to practicing Yugioh’s etiquette to the fullest.

Start with Best Regards

Yugioh’s official rule book asks players to greet each other before starting to fight. Opponents must shake hands with each other in a friendly and firm manner. Each player must shuffle his deck thoroughly.

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Players can also decide if they want to swap decks with their opponents, and have them shuffle the decks as well. After being shuffled, the decks must be returned to their respective players. Each player must then play his or her deck face down in the appropriate deck space of the playing mat.

Tossing a Decided Coin

The winner of the match is the first player to win two of the three duels. Players must toss a coin to decide who will start the first duel. The player who wins the coin toss can decide to be first, or can choose to be second.

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After the first duel is played, the loser of each subsequent duel decides whether to be the first or second. If the fight ends in a draw, players must make another coin toss to decide who will advance first.

Be Loud and Clear

Yugioh’s rule book emphasizes that each player must always state each move aloud and clearly before making any move.

Monster Fusion Card

The Fusion Monster card is a special card that has its own label. A Fusion Monster deck of cards is created during battle by fusing two or more monsters.

A player can combine two cards together by using the Polymerization Spell card, thus creating a new monster that is more powerful from the two discarded Monster cards. Each Fusion Monster card specifies two normal Monster cards that must be used to create a specific Fusion Monster.

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Also, unlike most cards, Fusion Monster cards are not included in the minimum 40 card Duel Deck. Players who use Fusion Monster cards must always place cards face down in the appropriate place (Fusion Deck Zone) on the Yugioh game mat.

Side Deck Card

Players to modify and improve their main Duel Deck using side Deck cards. The Side Deck must contain exactly 15 cards. Cards from the Side Deck can be exchanged for cards in the Dueling Deck, as long as the number of cards in the Dueling Deck remains the same. True Yugioh etiquette requires that you count the cards in your Side Deck so your opponent can see that you are only playing with 15 cards.

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Side Deck cards must always be counted face down so as not to reveal their identity. Whenever a player exchanges cards from their main Dueling Deck with those in their Side Deck, he or she must recount the cards in their Side Deck to ensure they are only playing with 15.

Grave card

According to Yugioh’s rulebook, players must always be honest about the contents of their Tomb. The grave consists of discarded cards. These cards must always be face up. They are common knowledge, and should not be hidden or obscured from other players.

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