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Why Henry Cavill and Warner Clashed Over Superman

Why Henry Cavill and Warner Clashed Over Superman

Robert Meyer Burnett of The Post-Geek Singularity Youtube account, has just revealed the reasons for the rejection of Warner Bros. for Henry Cavill’s return as Superman in the DCEU films. Indeed, after the release of the Justice League film, there is no clarity regarding Cavill’s continuation as Superman.

Cavill’s career as Superman began with the 2013 film Man of Steel, then continued in BvS: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. Unfortunately, since then the fate of Henry Cavill as Superman had become unclear and made fans start to worry about the DCEU.

Moreover, after that the Superman character only appeared as a faceless cameo in the Shazam film, which was a sign that the character Cavill was playing was not doing well. Then after a few years, Dwayne Johnson who managed to convince Cavill to return to play Superman, confirmed that there was tension between Cavill and Warner Bros streaming.

The reason for Warner Bros. Had Denied the Return of Henry Cavill

It’s not clear what the root cause of the tension was, but now a report has revealed what exactly happened between them. It all started with WB’s plan to make Superman’s character a cameo in Shazam! (2019). Hearing the request, Cavill’s party then said, “If he appears as a Superman cameo, that will count as Henry Cavill’s contract appearance as Superman in [a] film.”

Cavill’s answer was not well received by the studio, especially the former WB leader, Toby Emmerich. In response to Cavill’s statement, Emerich emphasized that “From now on Henry Cavill is persona non grata (no attendance). If he doesn’t want to play, then he’ll never be Superman again.” Since then the fate of Henry Cavill Superman in the DCEU has become increasingly unclear, as well as the film Man of Steel 2.

Thankfully, now with the change of CEO of WB by David Zaslav, it seems the studio has revoked Cavill’s persona non grata status. He could return to the DCEU at any time, including in the previously rumored Black Adam film streaming. Even based on the latest reports, WB is currently planning to re-develop the film Man of Steel 2. After a very long wait, fans can finally breathe easier because now the fate of Superman in the DCEU is more secure.

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