Westworld season 4, episode 3 shows Maeve and Caleb the true nature of Delos

Golden Age theme park. Here’s every twist and reveal explained. Westworld Season 4, Episode 3 Ending Explained: Golden Age’s TRUE Purpose time to question the nature of our reality all over again, as Westworld season 4, episode 3 reveals the true purpose of Hale and William’s Golden Age park. To the surprise of absolutely no one, mysteries are beginning to pile up in Westworld.

Maeve’s Powers Westworld season 4, episode 2 sees the usually-reliable powers of Thandiwe Newton’s Maeve Millay fail. Why do they cease all functions?

Maeve’s powers suddenly stop working in Westworld season 4 – why, and should Caleb turn her off and on again? Humanity can count itself lucky that Thandiwe Newton’s Maeve Millay is a friend rather than a foe. In Westworld season 1, the wild west tavern madam began controlling other hosts with her voice, before learning to perform the trick telepathically in season 2. Westworld season 3 evolved Maeve’s powers further, allowing her to communicate with any network-enabled technology from aim-assist firearms to security cameras. Maeve’s powers have proven incredibly useful in Westworld. Hosts are ineffectual against her awesome telepathy, and human enemies are so reliant on technology there’s always something Maeve can exploit against them. But her powers unexpectedly fail during Westworld season 4, episode 2 (Well Enough Alone). Investigating why William attacked them, Maeve and Caleb visit the Man in Black’s politician friend, Ken Whitney, only to discover the senator and his wife are already hosts.

Thandiwe Newton’s Maeve and Aaron Paul’s Caleb accidentally found themselves entering Delos’ new park, the Golden Age, at the end of episode 2. This prohibition-era resort represents enemy territory for our two Westworld protagonists, as Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) and the Man in Black (Ed Harris) continue to plot humanity’s downfall. In Westworld season 4, episode 3 (Annees Folles – named after a period of 1920s France analogous to the Golden Age).

Maeve and Caleb discover just how deep the Delos rabbit hole goes, and it’s a rabbit hole filled with flies, black goop and death. Fortunately, a powerful ally is stirring. After two whole episodes spent napping, Jeffrey Wright’s Bernard has finally awoken. With loyal companion Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) in tow, Westworld’s most enigmatic android joins a group of human resistance fighters in the desert. Westworld season 4 remains a long way from spilling its secrets, but Annees Folles leaves plenty to unpack nevertheless. The sinister true purpose of Golden Age is revealed, Bernard’s plan to save the world is teased, and Caleb comes face-to-freaky face with his own daughter. Here’s Westworld season 4, episode 3’s bonkers ending fully broken down.

Hale & William’s Plan In Westworld Season 4: Charlotte Hale and the Man in Black share antagonist duties in Westworld season 4. Here’s everything we know about their villainous plan. Charlotte Hale and the Man in Black’s nefarious plan is laid bare – this is what we know after Westworld season 4, episode 2. When Dolores finally escaped WestWorld at the climax of HBO’s season 2 finale, she planted copies of herself inside four other hosts. Charlotte Hale was one such clone, but evolved into a brand new persona over the course of Westworld season 3. Now the controlling force behind Delos Incorporated, Hale constructed an assistant host from the Man in Black’s violent in-park alter ego, then got busy building fresh robots from the safety of her company’s research department. Set seven years after season 3, Westworld season 4 revealed a little about Hale and William’s villainous machinations in its opening episode, The Auguries. Keeping a low profile, Delos steadily purchased empty land near Hoover Dam before acquiring the landmark itself in the most hostile of takeovers.

Westworld season 4’s second offering is far more generous in the Hale and William stakes. Tessa Thompson finally joins Ed Harris onscreen, and her character proves surprisingly chatty when discussing future plans for humanity. Maeve and Caleb, meanwhile, hack into That Glasses Guy From Heroes to dig up more juicy details. Here’s everything Westworld has revealed so far about Hale and William’s masterplan.

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