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Welcome the Latest Wide Screen Film Project from Sword Art Online

Welcome the Latest Wide Screen Film Project from Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online has been announced to be returning to its latest anime film project. There is still no further information about this big screen film project. However, this film will certainly contain new and original stories that are not in the novel.

Sword Art Online, also known by its abbreviation, SAO, is a light novel series from Japan by Reki Kawahara (story writer) and abec (illustration). The story in SAO itself revolves around the adventures of Kirito and his friends in their adventure to complete a number of missions in virtual reality games.

Two seasons of this anime series produced by studio A-1 Pictures have aired respectively in 2012 and 2014. In addition, this novel series has also been adapted into several game titles. Even this novel series has finally been published in Indonesia. The film adaptation of this series entitled SAO The Movie: Ordinal Scale was screened in Japan and Indonesia in early 2017.

Apart from the series above, there is also a spin off titled SAO: Alternative Gun Gale Online. Not to forget, SAO plans to also be adapted into a live action drama series, where the live action project has been sold to Netflix, and the characters Kirito and Asuna have been confirmed to be played by actors and actresses from Asia.

Even so, there is still no further news regarding the live action drama series project. Apart from that, a big screen film titled SAO: Progressive was also released on October 30, 2021, with a sequel that was broadcast in October 2022. The novel itself has also been published in Indonesia.

Take a peek at The First Slam Dunk’s Latest Promotional Video

Slam Dunk, as previously reported, the popular basketball comic series by Takehiko Inoue is planned to be adapted into a big-screen anime film on December 3, 2022. Now the promotional video for the film entitled The First Slam Dunk has been released. Take a peek at the following teaser video for The First Slam Dunk:

In this latest promotional video for The First Slam Dunk, it is also announced the lineup of voice actors who will play in this film. Music group The Birthday was also announced to be singing the opening theme song. Meanwhile 10-FEET will be performing the ending theme song “Dai Zero Kan.”

Here is the lineup of seiyunya:

Slam Dunk is a basketball-themed comic created by Takehiko Inoue. In this comic, it is told about Hanamichi Sakuragi who is frustrated because he is always rejected by girls. Until one day in high school, he meets Haruko Akagi who offers him to join the Shohoku High School basketball club. In order to attract Haruko’s attention and charm, Hanamichi joins the Shohoku High School basketball club and continues to forge himself into a reliable basketball player, where he calls himself a genius.

Slam Dunk itself was published in Japan in 1990-1996. This comic was one of the very popular comics of its time, so it was considered to increase the popularity of basketball among Japanese youth in the 1990s. This success led to this comic being adapted into an anime in 1993-1996, where the anime was also quite successful and popular at its time. In Indonesia, the comic Slam Dunk has been published by Elex Media, and the anime has been aired on TV7 (now TRANS7) and RCTI. In Japan itself, the anime is also circulated not only in serial form, but has also been made into a feature film 4 times. Slam Dunk is also said to be the inspiration for the Hong Kong film, Kung Fu Dunk, starring Jay Chou.

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