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Vienna based Autlook Filmsales of the top purchases

Vienna based Autlook Filmsales of the top purchases

Autlook Will get Smoke Sauna Sisterhood Forward of brokers for documentaries, has truly gotten the feature-length documentary Smoke Sauna Sisterhood, forward of its personal planet premiere at Sundance Movie Occasion.

The movie represents the Estonian smoke sauna follow, referred to as savvusanna kombõ. Alongside with saying to the document of the smoke saunas as an space to supply start, supervisor Anna Hints pays consideration to the females these days that built-in within the saunas to debate their shut information and keys.

Smoke Sauna Sisterhood is truly a particular testing information, ultimate to get pleasure from alongside with friends, claimed Autlooks supervisor of purchases, Salma Abdalla. Comprised for the silver display screen, Anna Hints crafted a story that basically experiences every very broad and shut. The esthetically gorgeous getting ready of a smoke sauna within the Estonian woodlands is truly loaded with mankind, wit and genuineness.

No account additionally shameful, no drawback additionally huge to lug, once you talk about it alongside along with your sisterhood, and possessing Salma and Autlook group appears like weve included to our sisterhood, Hints claimed.

The movie is truly generated by means of Marianne Ostrat of Alexandra Movie. The co-producers are truly Frances Juliette Cazanave, Icelands Hlín Jóhannesdóttir and Estonias Eero Talvistu. The movie will undoubtedly be truly discharged theatrically in Estonia in March by means of ACME Movie.


Vienna based

Autlook Filmsales

Top purchases

The movie is truly generated by means of Alexandra Film, Kepler22 Productions and Ursus Parvus, alongside with engagement coming from Estonian Movie Precept, The Social Endowment of Estonia, Tartu Movie Finance, CNC, Sacem, Icelandic Movie Facility and Sundance Precept Documentary Finance.

Autlooks Sundance slate moreover characteristic Ido Mizrahys The Lengthiest Bye-bye and Lin Allunas Two occasions Colonized.

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