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Unique Holiday Gift Idea How To Create A Unique Family Portrait

Every year, you try to come up with unique holiday gift idea to top the previous holiday gifts you gave your loved ones. It is not a surprise that you are starting to run out of idea. That is most likely why you turned to the Internet to see what is new in the market. I am not going to give you a list of endless items that might be a great gift for your friend or relative. In this article, I will introduce you to a product that will make a great unique holiday gift to all of your friends and relatives.

CrystalScribe is a crystal gift that contains personalized images, texts, or photographs. It is available in laser and color finish. Laser CrystalScribe comes in a grayscale resolution while Color CrystalScribe is available in color finish.

What is great about CrystalScribe is the option to personalize it. Personalizing CrystalScribe goes beyond adding name to an already finished product. You can add text, images, clip arts, or photographs as you please. CrystalScribe takes personalized and unique gifts items to a new level. I think CrystalScribe will make a unique holiday gift provided that you take advantage of customizing it to your need.

CrystalScribe is perfect for a unique holiday gift. Families have family portraits taken during the holiday season. Some may even use their family portrait for their holiday greeting card. This gives you an opportunity to design a unique holiday gift for the family. Create a CrystalScribe Family Portrait for your friend or relative. I have taken the liberty to provide you with four excellent CrystalScribe Family Portrait designs below to assist you in designing your unique holiday gift.

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* A classic CrystalScribe Family Portrait design is very simple. Just take a family portrait and add the family name. Family name can be added on the top, bottom, left side, or right side of the photograph. With Color CrystalScribe, you can even choose the color of the text. You may even want to add a decorative border that will reflect the occasion or season such as Christmas, Fall, or Thanksgiving border theme. With the classic CrystalScribe design, the possibilities are endless so you can create a truly unique holiday gift.

* Another great unique holiday gift design idea for CrystalScribe is to add a family name history with it. There are software databases available that will help you obtain the any family name history. Some CrystalScribe retailers such as EmJee Designs may even provide you with this service. They will search the family name history on your behalf and add it to your CrystalScribe design.

* CrystalScribe Family Portrait Collage is another great design for a unique holiday gift. This CrystalScribe design is good if you have a collection of photographs. You will need to have a main photograph, such as the Family Portrait, at the center and supporting photographs surrounding the main photo. Supporting photos can be individual photograph of those included in the main photo. It will come off like a family tree. Perfect if you are using a round shape crystal for your design, resembling a family circle.

* Family Circle CrystalScribe design is a variation to the Family Portrait Collage discussed earlier. This design is great if you do not have access to a family portrait but has photos for each member of the family. However, you will still need to have a main portrait at the center of the circle. I recommend using a portrait of a couple. It can be a wedding portrait. The surrounding photographs would be the children. The recipient of your CrystalScribe gift will appreciate your unique holiday gift.

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All of the above designs can be used for both Laser and Color CrystalScribe. The only differences between the two are the color resolution and the image dimension. With Color CrystalScribe, you have the option to choose whatever color you wish, however, the image dimension will only be 2D. For Laser CrystalScribe, the engraving can only be grayscale resolution, however, you can convert the images and texts into 2.5D to 3D. So, now that you learned more about CrystalScribe, why not design a unique holiday gift to your friends and relatives for this holiday season and amaze them with its beauty.

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