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Types of Futsal Carpets Most Liked by Players

Types of Futsal Carpets Most Liked by Players

Anyone will consider what kind of futsal carpet they should choose before opening a futsal court. This is very important because the type of carpet used is often considered by futsal lovers who want to play on the field.

There is indeed a futsal field made of synthetic grass. However, for reasons of easier and cheaper maintenance, many futsal field owners choose only the type of carpet. How about you?

Two Types of Futsal Carpets You Need to Know
For ordinary people, maybe they don’t know that futsal carpets are different. It’s just that because the surface is almost the same, they assume there is no difference between one carpet and another.

There are two types of futsal court carpets that are most often used. The first is standarlex. No player likes to play on a field with an uneven surface. The players who are used to playing futsal will feel that the level of the futsal field is not perfect. And that won’t happen if you choose a standard lex futsal carpet. The flatness of the surface is very good which makes the ball flow smoothly.

Unfortunately, you have to leave the installation of this level lex futsal carpet to the experts. Not just an expert. Make sure they have experience. They also have to be very thorough. The reason is, there are also many incidents where certain layers are not installed properly so that the surface becomes a little uneven.

Another thing is that the futsal field carpet is made of plastic. It looks the same as the standarlex. It’s just that, if you really feel, the surface of this plastic carpet tends to be a little bit rougher. This is what futsal players like the most. They feel comfortable and safe if they run fast because they don’t worry about slipping.
However, during the installation process, caution is required. The reason is, this carpet requires several sheets so it is very vulnerable to an uneven floor surface.

Well, after knowing, what type of futsal carpet will you choose?

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