The 2023 /Film Holiday Gift Guide: New Movies & TV Shows On 4K And Blu-Ray, Criterion, Box Sets & More

The 2023 /Film Holiday Gift Guide: New Movies & TV Shows On 4K And Blu-Ray, Criterion, Box Sets & More

Franchise Favorites

For the movie-obsessed, it doesn’t get much better than having an entire franchise collected in one nice, neat bit of packaging. This year, great options are abundant for cinephiles as everything from recent trilogies to all-time classic superhero films are available in these various collections. Want to watch Denzel Washington kick some ass? “The Equalizer” trilogy is the way to go. Want to watch dinosaurs once again rule the earth in six different movies across three decades? The “Jurassic World Ultimate Collection” is a must-own. Or, if you’re torn between wanting romance and vampires in your life, the “Twilight Saga” on 4K can scratch both itches at once. From vampires to boxing, to sagas about cars and family, it’s all here. (Ryan Scott)

The Disney 100 Legacy 100-Film Blu-ray Collection

One of the biggest box sets ever arrived earlier this year from Disney, and with such a hefty price tag, you might not be surprised to learn that it’s still available. The Disney 100 Legacy Animated Film Collection packs in 100 Disney movies on Blu-ray disc. That’s right, there are actually 100 movies in this box set, and they come housed in a three-volume slipcase celebrating the long history of Walt Disney Animation Studios. The box set also comes with some extra goodies, including a collectible crystal Mickey ears hat with exclusive Disney100 engraving and a collectible lithograph from Disney’s “Wish.” Unfortunately, it will cost you $1,500, so this is truly for the ultimate Disney fan. (Ethan Anderton)

Warner Bros. 100 Collections

Warner Bros. may not be making the greatest decisions regarding its current motion picture output, but the studio still has an impressive 100-year history in the motion picture business. It’s just a shame that David Zaslav, current CEO and president of Warner Bros. Discovery, isn’t attempting to maintain their legacy during his troubled tenure at the company. But while he’s hellbent on ruining the future of WB, you can celebrate the past with these outstanding box sets that feature some of the best movies Warner Bros. has ever made. Each volume has 25 movies and focuses on a variety of genres ranging from the classics of yesteryear to some contemporary favorites that will surely stand the test of time. Check out each collection below to get the full list of titles included. (Ethan Anderton)

More Alfred Hitchcock Classics

So far, the classic movies of Alfred Hitchcock have been given two 4K box sets featuring some of the filmmaker’s finest movies. This year, we’re getting another collection with The Alfred Hitchcock Classics Collection Vol. 3. This box set includes five films from the iconic director’s career including: “Rope,” “The Man Who Knew Too Much,” “Torn Curtain,” “Topaz” and “Frenzy.” As you can see, we’re starting to dig into the more obscure side of Hitchcock’s filmography, but with a director like this, there’s always something interesting to explore, especially if you’re looking for a cinematic education. (Ethan Anderton)

Star Trek: The Next Generation Movie Collection on 4K

After the box set of “Star Trek” movies featuring the cast of “Star Trek: The Original Series” debuted on 4K last year, Paramount Pictures has brought the movies of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” home on 4K as well. This box set covers the crossover between “Next Generation” and the original series with “Star Trek: Generations,” and it moves through the super “Star Trek: First Contact” and the other two less stellar films that rounded out the “Next Generation” film franchise. Each movie also comes with respective special features, so this is a must-have for any “Star Trek” fan out here (Ethan Anderton)


“Titanic” is being released on 4K for the first time ever, and if you have a huge fan of the movie in your life, then this incredible “Titanic” 4K Collector’s Edition box set might be a good idea. It comes with a hardcover coffee table book detailing the making of the film’s most iconic scenes, a detailed schematic inspired by the actual ship blueprint, highlighting locations of key scenes, movie prop reproductions of a boarding pass, launch viewing ticket, ship menus, and notes from Jack to Rose and Rose to Cal, and sheet music for the multi-award-winning hit “My Heart Will Go On.” (Ethan Anderton)

Jackie Chan and The Shaw Brothers

For those ready for some serious martial arts action, Shout! Factory has you covered to the max. When it comes to Jackie Chan, there are two volumes of movies starring the action legend. Volume 1 includes “The Killer Meteors,” “Dragon Fist,” “Dragon Lord,” and more, while Volume 2 features “Wheels on Meals,” “The Protector,” “City Hunter” and more. Meanwhile, there are three volumes of movies from the Shaw Brothers, with titles like “The Thundering Sword,” “The Invincible Fist,” “Lady of Steel,” “Man of Iron,” “The Dragon Missile,” “The Shaolin Avengers,” “Death Duel,” and many, many more. (Ethan Anderton)

A Box of Laughs

There aren’t too many comedy box sets out there, so we have to celebrate them when we can. Kevin Smith’s “Clerks” trilogy is getting an impressive box set featuring the facade of the Quick Stop convenience store, complete with a hidden RST Video return slot to house the three movies. Plus, the entire “Police Academy” collection is getting a release from Shout! Factory, and now that the “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” trilogy is complete, you can get all of them in one set. If animation is more your flavor, all the “Shrek” movies, including the two “Puss in Boots” movies are now all together in one set. And the French spoof film series “OSS 117” has a new box set too. Pick your poison. (Ethan Anderton)

The Terror! The Horror!

Paramount Pictures released a pretty cool little box set for horror fans earlier this year. Reaching from the classic terror of “Rosemary’s Baby” through the modern horror of “Smile,” the Paramount Scares Vol. 1 4K Box Set brings a total of five movies to fans in stunning high-definition. The rest of the set includes the original “Pet Sematary” movie from 1989, the big screen adaptation of “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” (which you can’t get in 4K anywhere else), and “Crawl.” Plus, you’ll get some stickers, a collectible pin, and a special issue of Fangoria magazine. How about that? (Ethan Anderton)

There are plenty of other scares in these other horror box sets out there, bringing together some spooky collections. Shout! Factory has an amazing Chucky box set with a ton of extra collectibles included with “Bride of Chucky,” “Seed of Chucky,” “Curse of Chucky,” and “Cult of Chucky.” Walmart has some SteelBook horror collections for the entire “Leprechaun” franchise and most of the “Saw” series. And Shout! Factory has a cool collection of all three movies in “The Ring” franchise.” (Ethan Anderton)

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