Teen Mom Ratings Plummet to Record Lows, Future of Franchise Called Into Serious Question

Teen Mom Ratings Plummet to Record Lows, Future of Franchise Called Into Serious Question

We may soon be reaching the end of an enjoyable, controversial and flat-out chaotic line.

According to Programming Insider, the August 2 episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter only brought in a paltry 243,000 live viewers.

Just how far of a fall is this rating from the most popular days of this same MTV franchise?

Way back in 2011, the original Teen Mom drew 4.5 million viewers on March 29 for an episode that featured a number of castmates no longer affiliated with the network.

The stars of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter are featured in this promotional picture. (MTV)

Back then… Jenelle Evans was arrested for breaking and entering… Kailyn Lowry signed a custody agreement for her son Isaac with Jo Rivera… Leah Messer and her now ex-husband Corey Simms got marred… and Chelsea Houska hosted birthday party for her daughter Aubree.

Feels like ages ago, doesn’t it?

Evans, of course, was fired by MTV in 2019 after her husband shot and killed the family dog.

Lowry left Teen Mom last year.

And Houska walked away in late 2020.

Catelynn is clearly struggling this scene from Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. (MTV)

Teen Mom, of course, has been on the air for 12 years. It makes sense that ratings would decrease.

Across the television board, in fact, ratings have gone down — especially for live viewings of various programs– due to so many streaming options.

HOWEVER, Dr. Pimple Popper scored an impressive 1.14 million viewers on August 2, while My Strange Addiction secured 421,000 live viewers the same night this poorly-watched Teen Mom installment aired.

It may very well be that folks out there are simply sick of the drama surrounding Teen Mom co-stars.

Cheyenne looks a bit stressed out in this Teen Mom photograph, doesn’t she? (MTV)

Over the course of the last few years, the series has lost its most polarizing cast members.

Yes, we all may find Farrah Abraham distasteful — but she brings in attention, wouldn’t you agree? People want to see what she’ll say or do next.

(One thing she recently said? That she might make a return to reality television.)

Yes, we’d all likely say that Evans has serious personal and relationship issue and does not deserve a platform such as the one she could be offered by MTV.

But if she were to be cast next year on Teen Mom? Would you really not tune in?!?

Jenelle Evans has launched a new business with husband David Eason. Here they are on his birthday in 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

That’s unlikely to happen.

At this point, it may also be unlikely that MTV renews Teen Mom: The Next Chapter for, well, a new chapter.

We’ll soon find out, however, and will be sure to let our readers know the fate of this franchise.


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