Suits Built An Entire Prison Set That The Show Barely Even Used

Suits Built An Entire Prison Set That The Show Barely Even Used

Over the course of the show, Mike Ross is a huge asset for Harvey Specter as his savant-like protégé. He’s also the firm’s deepest, darkest secret. That’s precisely why he is so compelling; he can either take Pearson Specter Litt to the mountaintop or topple it to the ground. That ongoing storyline was one of the main reasons why “Suits” was one of the highest-rated show on cable during its original run, only coming in second to “Game of Thrones.” It’s no wonder, then, that the show’s massive popularity would justify shelling out the big bucks for an elaborate jail at the start of season 6.

In a high profile piece for Esquire, Adams described the feeling of awe he felt walking onto that soundstage:

“It was one of the most impressive sets I’ve ever seen. And I want to say 70 percent of what we shot there was in my tiny little cell, and in the interrogation room. Because ‘Suits’ is about people in small spaces having high-stakes conversations.”

Ultimately, Mike’s jail arc was short-lived after the character helped solve the case of a fellow inmate, allowing him to enjoy a much shorter prison sentence. However, the quick wrap-up wasn’t really the shake-up that Adams wanted for his character:

“My favorite shows are shows where when something happens, it has a profound impact, where one thing happens and you can see the ripple effect through seasons, and in my mind, initially, we were doing that.” 

In retrospect, Mike Ross’ stint in jail didn’t amount to much, and Mike was back in a flashy suit on the streets of New York City in no time. If you’re looking for an elaborate prison breakout, maybe “Andor” season 1 will scratch that itch.

“Suits” is currently streaming on Netflix.

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