Sister Wives Fans Want Sister Wives to Be Canceled. For Real!

Sister Wives Fans Want Sister Wives to Be Canceled. For Real!

There’s a contingent of Sister Wives fans out who have an unexpected opinion of Sister Wives:

They do NOT want the show to go on.

Late last month, TLC announced that Season 18 of this reality show would premiere on Sunday night, August 20 at 10/9c.

Based on the first trailer for upcoming episodes? Things are about to get ugly.

Kody Brown is featured in this poster for a new season of Sister Wives. (TLC)

Here’s the thing, though:

There are no more sister wives.

Christine left Kody Brown in November 2021; Janelle did the same toward the end of 2022; and Meri announced on January 10 of this year that she and Kody were terminating their marriage.

The result is that Kody is now only married to Robyn, the woman most have believed for years is the only person is truly cares about.

Robyn Brown doesn’t look to happy in this poster for Sister Wives. (TLC)

How can a series titled Sister Wives therefore continue?

This is the question currently being posed by some on social media.

“I think you mean Sister-less Wife!” one fan commented under the network’s Instagram post on Wednesday, August 2 after it unveiled a new preview for Season 18.

This individual was basically making a joke — but others are serious in expressing their displeasure that Sister Wives is continuing amid all these break-ups.

Christine Brown stares into the camera for this Sister Wives Season 18 promo pic. (TLC)

“I think the series should have ended with Christine leaving cause alot happened last season,” one follower wrote.

“Why would there be a show anymore? There are no sister wives,” another added, while yet another viewer chimed in as follows:

“For the love of God. PUT THE SHOW OUTTA IT’S MISERY!”

Out of its misery??? Kody’s split from three of his spouses has actually provided the program with more attention than ever before.


The Sister Wives showrunner and the president of Discovery Networks and TLC even granted an interview to Variety this summer about the state of the series.

“I hope Sister Wives doesn’t end,” the latter said as part of this expose.

Added showrunner Chris Poole in this same article:

“There’s always something going on. I am confident there’s always going to be something going on, because they are who they are.”

This is the official poster for Sister Wives Season 18, courtesy of TLC. (TLC)

As for what lies ahead?

Here is the official Season 18 synopsis:

TLC’s hit series, Sister Wives is returning for a highly anticipated new season that promises to provide an even deeper look into the Browns’ continued journey as they strive to balance their new paths and the needs of their fractured polygamist family.

From navigating conflict to celebrating milestones, this season captures the family’s emotional rollercoaster.

Through their transparency and vulnerability, the Browns shed light on the hardships their family is struggling to overcome

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