Three New Aksys Otome Games Announced at Anime Expo 2022

Recently, Aksys announced three new otome games through Anime Expo 2022. Previously, last February, they announced four other games that had previously been released on other portable platforms. These three new otome games will later be present to enliven the Nintendo Switch game list later. Curious what are the titles of these three newest games? Let’s see below!

Information on the Presence of the Three Newest Aksys Otome Games

Through Anime Expo 2022, three new Aksys otome games have been announced. The three games are titled Norn9: Var Commons & Last Era, Radiant Tale, and Shuuen no Virche ~Erro?:Salvation. Of the three games, Norn9 was previously released through the PS Vita in 2015.

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Norn9: Var Commons & Last Era consists of games like any other otome, in that it features three possible heroine characters to choose from. One of the three will experience love interest with handsome men. In addition, the game will also present a variety of stories in it. Previously this game appeared with another title Norn9 LOFN in Japan last September 2018.

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The game that is included in the next three Aksys otome games is Radiant Tale. This game tells the story of a girl who produces a group of performers named CIRCUS. Some of the men who entered the group were Paschalia (water), Vilio (dragon), and Zafora (clown). With her new job, the girl will get a sweet love story with one of the members. This game was previously announced in May 2022.

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The title of the game in the last three Aksys otome games is Shuuen no Virche ~Erro?:Salvation. This game does not have an English sub yet, and is set in Arpecheur. Ceres had a hard time because his presence resulted in a person closest to him mysteriously dying when he was 23 years old.

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This game presents a romantic story and uncovers the mystery behind Ceres’ tragic condition. Shuuen no Virche ~Erro?:Salvation was previously released in Japan last October 2021. These three Aksys otome games will be coming to Nintendo Switch in 2023.

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