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These 5 Anime Characters Used To Be Bully Victims

Not only in the real world, in anime bullying also happens a lot. The character of the bully victim gets unpleasant treatment until it ends up being traumatized. Some of the anime below are known to be victims of bullying, but they grew into strong figures because of their bad past.

The spirit of revenge and self-evident can be their motivation to change themselves. But whatever it is, the characters below are cool because they managed to become better characters. So, who are the anime characters who are bullied victims who become strong? Check out the complete information!

Izuku Midoriya – My Hero Academia

Izuku Midoriya is often bullied by his friends since childhood. The reason is only one, namely he was born without a Quirk like his other friends. People born without a Quirk are not qualified to be superhuman. It meant that Izuku’s dream of becoming like Al Might seemed far from burning.

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The bullying that Izuku experienced even lasted until high school. One of the culprits is Katsuki Bakugo, Izuku’s own childhood friend. However, the boy did not give up. Although often considered useless, he tried his best until finally All Might was willing to give the power of One For All.

Asta – Black Clover

Asta’s fate is not much different from Izuku’s. He was also born without superpowers. In the Black Clover universe, every child must have magical energy and they are considered special children. However, Asta is an exception. He was born without magical energy so he is often belittled and ridiculed.

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Therefore, he trains harder on his own in order to gain his strength. While the others are playing, Asta goes to the forest and practices. Asta’s efforts pay off by successfully obtaining the most powerful Grimoire.

Kenichi Shirahama – History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi

Kenichi is actually a kind and shy boy. However, his kindness makes his friends nosy. Kenichi is considered a loser and weak because he never repays their bad deeds.

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The worst thing was when he was made into a living bag in the Karate Club. However, it became a turning point in Kenichi’s life. Since then, he has practiced and developed himself to become a strong person.

Krillin – Dragon Ball

Krillin used to be a student at the Orin Temple. However, the seniors there often bothered him. As a result, he became traumatized and did not dare to face his seniors. Krillin then grew tired of their evil behavior so that at the age of 13, he wandered off and went to the Tortoise Jin’s place. There he met a teacher and became a practicing martial arts expert. Krillin was finally getting stronger every day.

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Bullying is a bad thing. victims who experience this often lose their enthusiasm and motivation. However, the 4 anime characters above meet friends who want to support and accompany them in the process so that they become stronger figures.

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