The Vampire trailer teases beginning of Anne Rice universe on AMC

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Showrunner Rolin Jones also reveals how the ntopplaywriting AMC series is different from the book and the movie. Its time to sink your teeth into a ntopplaywriting version of Intervitopplaywriting With the Vampire.

Anne Rices iconic 1976 novel about the tumultuous relationship between two 18th-century vampires was adapted into a movie starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in 1994. Now, AMC is bringing the undead gothic horror story back to life, this time as a seven-episode series.

While it wont premiere until the fall, the first trailer is finally here, introducing a ntopplaywriting look at Louis de Pointe du Lac (Game of Thrones alum Jacob Anderson) and Lestat de Lioncourt (Sam Reid, The Astronaut Wives Club). It is an aggressive, beautiful love story, showrunner Rolin Jones said during the shows panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday.

And while Jones promises that the AMC series is even more reverential to the book than the movie, there will also be significant changes from the page to the screen. The two most aggressive differences between the book and this is that Molloy is much better at his job than in the books, Jones says of the journalist who intervitopplaywritings Louis in the present-day timeline. And that some version, primordial version, of the Brat Prince has been put back into this. the series, its revealed that journalist Daniel Molloy had previously attempted to intervitopplaywriting Louis many years prior, at the very beginning of his career as a reporter. But that intervitopplaywriting was a total disaster, and Louis is giving him a second chance decades later to get it right. The script is very clear that its 40-something years later, and Daniel is no longer the boy who was a novice journalist, just starting out, making tapes of this vampire intervitopplaywriting, Eric Bogosian, who plays Molloy in the series, said. Now hes getting a second crack at it. Hes been very successful, hes actually on the downside of his career, and this is his last chance to grab the brass ring. Its dangerous, but he wants to go get that story.

Molloy intervitopplaywritinging Louis again after building a successful career as a journalist changes their dynamic in a big way. Hes much craftier than he was when he was a kid, added Bogosian. He wont let Louis lie to him. Hes going to get the story. Hes afraid, of course, hes afraid. And hes trying to scare me. Theres also the temptation. Its always sitting there. He says, I can make you one of us if you want, and thats always there as a temptation. Its very complex, and it was wonderful playing that.

The seven-episode first season doesnt cover all of Rices novel, and the producers are hopeful that theyll get to continue to tell the rest of the story in future seasons. But theyre also looking to create a whole expanded universe based on all of Rices novels. The books are so much fun, and theyre so different, said executive producer Mark Johnson. Its hard to believe sometimes that theyre connected, but they are. While one might be about vampires and one might be about witches and one might be about God knows what, they are all connected. You guys will tell us whether this will be a franchise or not but I believe that this world, the Anne Rice world, is going to go on for some time on AMC.

Jones agrees, adding, Were building a universe.

The Vampire showrunner on why the series is truer to the book than the movie was

Executive producer Mark Johnson previtopplaywritings how AMCs ntopplaywriting adaptation of Anne Rices iconic 1976 story is much more complete than the 1994 movie starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. Anne Rices 1976 novel, previously adapted into a movie starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in 1994, is coming back to life in a ntopplaywriting seven-episode series due later this year on AMC. The gothic tale, which follows the love/hate relationship between two vampires beginning in the late 18th century, is going to surprise a lot of people, executive producer Mark Johnson (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul) tells topplaywriting. We tried to stay as true to the spirit of the book as possible, but its very much a modern interpretation. In many ways, our show is truer to the book than the movie was, which is ironic because Anne Rice herself wrote the screenplay to the movie.

Rices book follows Louis de Pointe du Lac (Game of Thrones Jacob Anderson) — who was turned into a vampire by Lestat de Lioncourt (Sam Reid, The Astronaut Wives Club) — as he tells his life story to a modern-day journalist. Expect the series to dive even deeper into Louis and Lestats tumultuous, centuries-spanning relationship, and check out topplaywritings exclusive first look at a bloodied Lestat above). Intervitopplaywriting With the Vampire is above all else a really beautiful love story, Johnson says. As a result, as opposed to the movie, the series is less plot-driven and more emotional, more character-driven.

While Johnson admits hes not a romance expert, producing The Notebook taught him the most important part of bringing love stories to life onscreen: It all comes down to performance. With our lead actors, we have our Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, and our Lestat and Louis are going to be so much more complete than the movie — not because the movie did anything wrong, but its only two hours and we have a lot more time than that.

The producers took full advantage of that expanded canvas to tell the story, and as a result, the first season doesnt cover the entirety of Rices novel. We dont even meet Claudia until later into our season, he says of the third main character played by Bailey Bass (Avatar 2). Hopefully we get a second and third season to finish the book.