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The sense of unfairness is compounded

The fact that at least two (and possibly three) justices lied to the Senate during their confirmation hearings. The opinion in Dobbs makes clear that the Kavanaugh and Gorsuch always believed that Roe was egregiously wrong from the start—an opinion they concealed from the Senate and the American people https://minimore.com/b/SIJ0I/1 .

The fact that Senators Collins and Manchin have accused Gorsuch and Kavanaugh of misleading them during private interviews is shocking. Both justices should resign in disgrace. But like Kavanaugh’s infamous defense of his love of beer, he has no shame. He does not care that the world knows he is a liar. The sense of impunity and callousness makes their attack on the rights of women all the more heinous.

The reactionary majority pretends that returning the issue to the states will restore balance and harmony to a democratic system. It will not. Instead, it will exacerbate inequality and divisiveness along geographic, wealth, and religious grounds. Americans in some states will have a right over reproductive choices, while others do not. Poor Americans will not have the same ability to circumvent abortion bans by traveling to other states. And some Americans will see their religious beliefs codified as law while others will be told that their personal beliefs do not matter.

The patchwork of conflicting laws and elevation of differences will create two Americas. Affluent Christian evangelicals will surreptitiously travel to other states when their personal circumstances collide with their public professions of faith. Poor women will not have that choice but will be forced to give birth to children that the white, male, Christian-dominated legislatures have no intention of supporting with adequate healthcare, safe schools, or food security.

Finally, in a breathtaking display of ignorance and insensitivity, four male justices dismiss the burdens and risks of pregnancy and the life-altering consequences of forcing a woman to give birth. That ignorance and insensitivity is not diminished by the fact that the reactionary majority includes a woman who is a member of a religious cult on the fringes of American society. There are undoubtedly countless other grounds for rage and grief over the holding in Dobbs. In describing some of those reasons here, I do not presume to speak for anyone, especially not for women who must live under the dystopian regime unleashed by Dobbs. I am trying to add to the conversation for consideration by others, nothing more.

I expect to receive corrections and reprimands from male readers telling me that I have overstated the effect of Dobbs. Some will point out (correctly) that Dobbs did not technically outlaw abortion anywhere. While that is true, the effect of Dobbs is to allow state legislatures to do that dirty work—which is happening with breathtaking speed across the nation.

If we are going to have a discussion about Dobbs, we should be honest with one another. The intent of Dobbs was to allow GOP-controlled states to outlaw abortion. Pretending otherwise is offensive. While such emails may only annoy me, I strongly counsel against making those arguments to the women in your lives who are grieving over this decision. If your response to that grief is to point out legal distinctions that will not make a difference in their lives or feelings, you are missing the moment.

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