The Oldest Magic Artifacts in the DC Universe

The Oldest Magic Artifacts in the DC Universe

When it comes to superheroes and supervillains in the DC Universe, many of them use artifacts to achieve their goals. Of the many types of artifacts in his universe, the most famous for their power were magic artifacts. Where it comes from is often a mystery, even to the users themselves. This can happen not because there is no historical record, but rather because history itself has not succeeded in reaching the process of its creation. Because there are a number of magical artifacts that were created long before the era of DC superhumans. Like the various oldest magic artifacts that we will discuss this time. So, check this out, geeks!

Helmet of Nabu

Often seen worn by Doctor Fate, the Helmet of Nabu or Helm of Fate is a magical artifact created by a cosmic entity called Nabu the Wise. The process of its creation itself is said to have occurred about millions of years ago, long before Nabu set foot on Earth. As part of the Lords of Order, Nabu created this helmet out of the magic metal Nth Metal so Doctor Fate could use it against evil.

This helmet allows the user to fly, increase intelligence, have cosmic awareness, and cast a number of other powerful magic. Many magicians agree that the Helmet of Nabu is the most powerful magic artifact in the universe. This is what ultimately makes Doctor Fate one of the strongest wizards in the DC Universe.

Cloak of Destiny

The Cloak of Destiny is another magical artifact that Nabu has used against the Lords of Chaos in the universe. No one knows for sure when the Cloak of Destiny was created. However, Nabu first wore it together with the Helmet of Nabu, which means it is safe enough for us to conclude that he is more or less the same age. It was created about millions of years ago.

Along with his helmet, Nabu also bequeathed the Cloak of Destiny to Doctor Fate. In addition to making Doctor Fate’s appearance more manly, this one robe also turns out to have immunity to magic and fire. This is what finally makes Doctor Fate never afraid to face the demons from hell.

Amulet of Anubis

One more magic artifact belonging to Nabu which was finally passed on to Doctor Fate, namely the Amulet of Anubis. Different from other magical artifacts, true to its name, the Amulet of Anubis is the creation of the ancient Egyptian god Anubis. Which means the process of its creation occurred when Anubis was still in power in the era of ancient Egypt, about thousands of years ago. He originally passed this magic artifact down through the generations to the pharaohs, before Nabu finally secured it. Since then, the Amulet of Anubis has become a complement to the power of a Doctor Fate. Which allows him to release energy blasts, increase magic power, and also make him immune to mind control magic.

Book of Destiny

As one of the most powerful and oldest magical artifacts in the DC Universe, the Book of Destiny or Book of Souls allows its user to know all the destiny of the universe. Although the creator is not revealed, but a cosmic entity named Destiny has carried this book since the beginning of the universe. Destiny itself often implies that the Book of Destiny is a curse. Because he could know everything, but shouldn’t divulge it to anyone else. However, other people could read it if they wanted to, which would usually put the person under the same brunt of the curse as Destiny.

Heart of Darkness

As we all know, Apokolips is the name of a planet from the evil New Gods, including its leader Darkseid. Not many know that actually the New Gods of Apokolips also rely heavily on magic power when attacking other planets. That’s why, at the beginning of his reign some thousands of years ago, Darkseid decided to look for the source of such a powerful magic. Until finally he found the magic artifact Heart of Darkness, which allowed the New Gods of Apokolips to obtain enormous magical energy. Darkseid also often uses this black gem to destroy anyone who gets in his way.

Spear of Destiny

Adapted from the Bible, it is said that the Spear of Destiny was a spear used by the Roman Empire to pierce the heart of Jesus Christ who was being crucified. This means that this spear existed long before the era of DC superheroes, maybe about two thousand years ago. In the comics, the spear, which functions more like a magic artifact, finally fell into Hitler’s hands during the World War II era. Where he uses it to manipulate superheroes into helping his battle.

Towards the end of his life, Hitler channeled all his evil ambitions into the Spear of Destiny through a magical ritual. So that whoever next uses this magic artifact will become evil, greedy, and thirsty for power and strength. Perhaps Hitler’s main goal was that whoever got the Spear of Destiny could become his future successor.

Those are the oldest magic artifacts DC has ever told in the comics. Regardless of their function, it is quite clear that these various magical artifacts are very powerful objects and can grant extraordinary powers to their users. Seeing Doctor Fate wearing three of them, it quite makes sense why he ended up being the most powerful wizard in the DC Universe. Even more interesting, Doctor Fate and his three magical artifacts will soon make their live action debut in the DCEU film Black Adam. We’ll see how good Doctor Fate will be when the film premieres on October 21.

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