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The Most Influential Events in One Piece History

The Most Influential Events in One Piece History

One Piece additionally has a really lengthy historical past. There have been many main occasions which have occurred within the historical past of One Piece. Every occasion definitely has its personal affect on the world.

Ranging from the occasions that resulted within the World Authorities to the nice battle between pirates and the Marines, this time the creator has summarized 5 of probably the most influential main occasions within the historical past of One Piece. Take a look at the next opinions.

The Nice Empire Warfare and the Twenty Kingdoms

Till now, the Age of Void continues to be the largest thriller in One Piece. Not a lot is thought about what occurred throughout the Void Century. In the meantime, Clover as soon as talked about an occasion throughout the Void Century that finally gave delivery to the World Authorities.

Within the Void Century, there was a Great Empire that dominated over the world. Nevertheless, the Twenty Kingdoms then united and overthrew the Nice Empire. They went to battle and ended within the defeat of the Nice Kingdom. The Twenty Kingdoms then set up the World Authorities as world leaders in a brand new period.

It is extremely probably that there was a contemporary civilization within the Void Century. Dr. Vegapunk as soon as theorized that the Nice Empire possessed much more superior expertise than in the present day. Sadly, this expertise was destroyed after the world was dominated by the World Authorities.

God Valley Incident

Lengthy earlier than Gol D Roger found One Piece and have become the Pirate King, there was a really feared pirate on the earth. The pirate is Rocks D Xebec. Rocks’ aim will not be solely to get One Piece, however he additionally needs to rule the world.

Rocks is thought to be very harmful as a result of he’s very merciless and powerful. Rocks by no means hesitates to kill anybody to attain his aim. Nevertheless, Rocks was lastly stopped by Monkey D Garp and Roger.

Thirty-eight years in the past, Rocks tried to assault the World Nobles that had been in God Valley. This finally sparked a battle between the Rocks Pirates and the Marines. At this level, Garp teamed up with Roger and so they managed to beat Rocks.

With the demise of the captain, the Rocks crew is disbanded and the members kind their very own particular person pirate crews. In the meantime, Garp is changing into referred to as a Marine Hero for saving the World Nobles. For causes unknown, the World Authorities determined to destroy God’s Valley.

Gol D Roger’s execution

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In a method, Roger’s demise is the reason for the collection. In any case, Roger’s demise was the factor that began a brand new period. Roger’s period because the Pirate King did not final very lengthy. Roger has a deadly illness which makes his life quick.

Earlier than his sickness may take his life, Roger determined to show himself in to the World Authorities. He was later executed in his hometown, Loguetown. Nevertheless, earlier than his death, Roger uttered a sentence that lastly began a brand new period, specifically the period of the Nice Pirates.

Earlier than he breathed his final, Roger mentioned that he had left One Piece someplace. Anybody who finds it might have it. Listening to these phrases, everybody began flocking to the ocean to search for One Piece.

Ohara incident

Beforehand, Ohara was the house for all of the genius scientists and archaeologists on the earth to assemble. Right here, they studied all that existed on the earth, together with the Void Century. Remembering the Age of Void is information forbidden by the World Authorities, Ohara is finally destroyed.

It began when Nico Olvia was captured by the Marines. There, the World Authorities learns that Ohara studied the Age of Void. The climax happens when the Gorosei speak to Clover. Through the dialog, Clover revealed how a lot he knew in regards to the Void Century.

Listening to this, the Gorosei instantly ordered a Buster Name on Ohara. The Marine Corps was despatched all the way down to burn Ohara to the bottom. Nico Robin was initially referred to as the one survivor of the incident. Nevertheless, it’s revealed that Jaguar D Saul can also be one of many survivors of the incident.

Not solely affecting Robin, this incident additionally has a huge impact on the world. The Ohara Incident was the beginning of the formation of the Revolutionary Army. After Ohara was destroyed, Monkey D Dragon met Vegapunk in Ohara. There, Dragon reveals that he’ll create a robust military to struggle the World Authorities.

The Battle of Marineford

The Battle of Marineford came about earlier than the collection went right into a 2 yr time skip. It began when Blackbeard captured Portgas D Ace and turned him over to the World Authorities. After listening to about Ace’s execution, the Whitebeard Pirates and their allies traveled to Marineford to rescue Ace.

Right here, Luffy additionally fashioned a brief alliance with Bon Clay, Buggy, Emporio Ivankov, Jinbe, and even Crocodile to assist him escape from Impel Down and head to Marineford. Sadly, the battle was received by the Navy.

Ace died by the hands of Akainu, whereas Whitebeard was killed by Blackbeard. Whitebeard’s demise marked the dissolution of the Whitebeard Pirates and the tip of Whitebeard’s period as a Yonko. Along with his demise, Whitebeard’s place as Yonko was changed by Blackbeard.

Earlier than his demise, Whitebeard additionally mentioned that One Piece existed. This additional encourages individuals to go to the ocean.

There have been many main occasions which have occurred all through the historical past of One Piece. Nevertheless, there isn’t any doubt that the 5 occasions above are probably the most influential on the earth. How not, the 5 occasions above can begin a brand new period. In your opinion, of the 5 occasions above, which occasion had probably the most affect?

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