The MCU Just Made 1 Perfect Thor 5 More Difficult

Ms. Marvel just confirmed the existence of New Asgard tourism on Earth, making a future Thor story that much harder to pull off in the MCU. Thanks to the MCU’s new series Ms. Marvel, a potential story for Thor 5 has become that much harder to pull off. In the midst of all the exciting booths and panels at AvengerCon, Kamala Kahn and her friend Bruno find tours of New Asgard being offered in Ms. Marvel episode 1. Not only does this confirm some plot points in Thor: Love and Thunder, but it also creates some difficulty for Thor 5 to adapt one of the most dynamic comic events of all time.

The fire demon Surtur in Thor: Ragnarok, the God of Thunder and his remaining people came to Earth as refugees and founded New Asgard. Putting down roots in Tønsberg, Norway, New Asgard is where Thor wallowed in self-pity during the 5-year Decimation between Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. However, once the Avengers reversed Thanos’ Snap the Son of Odin crowned Valkyrie the new king of New Asgard while he ventured out into space with the Guardians of the Galaxy. While the movie’s merchandise and Love and Thunder’s trailer have teased as much, Ms. Marvel episode 1 officially confirms that New Asgard has become a tourist attraction with trips being offered at AvengerCon. While this is a sign that King Valkyrie wants to integrate New Asgard with the rest of the world in the MCU, it does create some difficulties if Thor 5 was to adapt Siege. Siege was a Marvel Comics event that saw an unhinged Norman Osborn and his Dark Avengers going to war with Thor and Asgard, which had likewise been relocated to Earth, floating above a town in Oklahoma. Although Siege would be a truly dynamic story with rival teams of Avengers duking it out for the fate of Thor’s home, it would require the MCU’s New Asgard to be more isolated from the rest of the world, rather than a tourist trap.

Siege was the culmination of Brian Michael Bendis’ ‘Dark Reign’ arc where Norman Osborn was trusted by the President to replace SHIELD with his own defense organization HAMMER while secretly recruiting supervillains to be his new team of Dark Avengers. However, Asgard became one of the last places in the US that Osborn didn’t have any control over, resulting in his campaign to make the realm of the gods look like a threat to national security. Now, creating that same level of negative public perception will be much harder if Siege serves as the source material for a potential Thor 5, so long as New Asgard continues to open its borders, welcoming any and all to come and visit. In any case, this new status quo for New Asgard should prove to be pretty exciting when Thor returns to his people in Thor: Love and Thunder. While it does create challenges for a truly perfect Thor 5 story, New Asgard’s desire to become more connected to the people of Earth makes sense. Either way, it will be interesting to see if anything else about New Asgard will be revealed as Ms. Marvel continues.

Money Heist: Korea Trailer Reveals Political Motivations For Robbery

The trailer for Money Heist: Korea reveals the political motivations behind the ultimate heist in the remake/spinoff of Netflix’s hit series. The official trailer for Money Heist: Korea- Joint Economic Area is finally here, revealing the political motivations behind robbing Korea’s mint. The remake of Netflix’s popular Money Heist (released originally as La Casa De Papel) was first announced in 2020. After some pandemic-related delays, the release of Money Heist: Korea is only weeks away. The new series will follow a similar structure as Money Heist, with a team of thieves using the same aliases from the first series to pull off the ultimate heist, but it will take place in a newly unified Korea.

Money Heist: Korea trailer, this change in location and culture will help retell the original story as a history-making new heist. The official trailer, shared by The Swoon, shows how Money Heist: Korea will be reframing the original series’ heist. The Professor’s plan is motivated by the betrayal of unified Korea’s joint economy, which created a system that only benefited the rich and left everyone else to struggle. The Professor’s plan will have the team take matters into their own hands and steal 4 trillion won from Korea’s mint.

Money Heist: Korea stars Yoo Ji-tae, Jun Jong-seo, Kim Ji-hun, Lee Won-jong, Jang Yoon-ju, Lee Hyun-woo, Lee Kyu-ho, and Kim Ji-hoon, with Park Hae-soo, who starred in Netflix’s international hit Squid Game. The new cast will bring an exciting change to the story, and the highly anticipated series will premiere with 12 episodes in its first season. Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area, premieres on June 24.

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