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The Forbidden and Dangerous Jutsu of the Naruto Era Still Alive in the Boruto Era

In the shinobi world of the Naruto anime era, fans are always presented with the jutsu or moves of each shinobi. Like Naruto, some shinobi also have jutsu and the ultimate move to fight strong enemies. However, in the Naruto anime, there are some forbidden jutsu that any shinobi can’t use against the enemy. The jutsu is not used arbitrarily because it is included in a row of forbidden jutsu that can put the lives of the shinobi who use it at stake. Without further ado, then what are these forbidden jutsu?

Reported by YouTube Senior Anime News and various sources, here are 11 forbidden jutsu in the Naruto series.

  1. Shiki Fujin

Shiki Fujin is a fuin jutsu or sealing move belonging to the Uzumaki clan. This jutsu can be used if learned by anyone but includes forbidden jutsu.

This Shiki Fujin Jutsu was first used by Naruto’s father, Minato, to seal the Kyubi. Called deadly because this jutsu can make the user die after removing the jutsu. And with this forbidden jutsu 2 it is known that 2 Hokage have died after using it.

  1. Gedo Rinne Tensei No Jutsu

This Gedo Rinne Tensei No Jutsu can only be used by shinobi who have the power of Rikudou Sannin. The use of this jutsu is usually done by shinobi with Rinnegan owners. Called forbidden jutsu because this jutsu requires sacrifice when used by a shinobi.

This jutsu or jutsu is used to resurrect the person he has killed but instead is the user’s shinobi life, as Nagato did.

  1. Kisho Tensei

This Kisho Tensei jutsu or jutsu, was created by Ciyo’s grandmother for Sasori since childhood. However, because Sasori betrayed his country, Ciyo’s grandmother finally used this jutsu to revive the 5th Kazekage, Gaara.

Mentioned forbidden jutsu because after the shinobi use this jutsu will definitely die because it has transferred his life to people who have died.

  1. Ryumei Tensei

Ryumei Tensei is a jutsu possessed by Kekkei Genkai from the Ryusetzu clan.

Just like Kisho Tensei and Rinne Tensei, Ryumei Tensei resurrects someone with life in exchange.

  1. Shio or Cicero

This technique is a secret jutsu possessed by Deidara.

Deidara uses this jutsu as a last resort to defeat Sasuke. This is a suicide bombing jutsu that is certain that the user will also die.

  1. Ura Shiso Fuin

Ura Shiso Fuin is a jutsu used by Danso before his death.

This forbidden move was used by Danso when he fought against Sasuke.

  1. Chakura no Ito

Chakura no Ito is a special jutsu belonging to the Fuma clan that is used by Kagero.

Kagero uses this jutsu on Naruto by releasing chakra threads that bind himself and his opponent. When he injures the body, the bound will feel pain to death.

However, even though Naruto is bound by this jutsu, it has not been able to kill him.

  1. Shisa Kugutsu

Shisa Kugutsu is a jutsu developed by Orochimaru. This forbidden jutsu will make the jutsu user die after the 2 lives attached to his body are defeated.

  1. Tengai Shinse

A jutsu possessed by Uchiha Madara.

Madara used this jutsu to test the current shinobi alliance by attracting a very large meteor.

The impact of this jutsu will definitely cause the user to die where when Madara uses it his body is destroyed but returns to normal because he was resurrected with Edo Tensei.

  1. Hachimon Tonko no Jin

This move is a high-level jutsu from Taijutsu users after the opening of the eight gates.

This technique is the last gate of the jutsu called Hachimon.

When this jutsu opens until the eighth gate, the user will release blood vapor that will drain energy even to the point of killing the user but can produce extraordinary power.

Madara alone as one of the strongest shinobi when entering Rikudou Sannin mode recognizes the greatness of this move named Hachimon.

  1. Edo Tensei

Edo Tensi is one of the forbidden moves in the Naruto Shippuden anime era.

This jutsu was created by the second Hokage Tobirama Senju, and successfully learned by Orocimaru and Kabuto.

The terrible impact of Edo Tensei can be seen in the fourth ninja world war which killed many victims of the shinobi alliance.

Edo Tensei is prohibited because it allows the user of this jutsu to revive someone and then control them.

Evidently, Orocimaru had used this one move to turn on the first Hokage and the second Hokage against his own teacher, Hiruzen (the third Hokage).

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