Ted Lasso Star On If Sam & Rebecca Are Still Together In Season 3

Ted Lasso star Toheeb Jimoh addresses whether Sam and Rebecca get back together in season 3, which is supposed to be the Apple TV+ show’s last. Ted Lasso star Toheeb Jimoh talks about Sam and Rebecca’s potential rekindling of their relationship in the upcoming season 3 of the acclaimed comedy show. Jimoh recently scored his first Emmy nomination for his work on the series, one of a total of 20 nods the show received for season 2, having taken home the award for Outstanding Comedy Series last year. Ted Lasso also stars Jason Sudeikis, Hannah Waddingham, Jeremy Swift, Phil Dunster, Brett Goldstein, and Juno Temple.

Ted Lasso follows the titular American football coach who comes to England to manage AFC Richmond, a struggling professional soccer team. Season 2 saw the burgeoning relationship between Jimoh’s Sam, a right winger for the team, and Rebecca (Waddingham), Richmond’s owner, which ended due in part to Rebecca’s fear of heartbreak. Ted Lasso season 3 is expected to be the show’s last, with the creators having said from the beginning that it would have a three-season run.

Ted Lasso Actor Reacts To Emmy Nomination In Most Roy Kent Way Possible reacts to his Emmy nomination in the most Roy Kent way possible by profanely celebrating the consideration. Ted Lasso actor Brett Goldstein is reacting to his Emmy nomination in the most Roy Kent way possible. Goldstein stars in the series as Roy, a veteran box-to-box midfielder and team captain who initially proves problematic in welcoming Jason Sudeikis’ titular coach to AFC Richmond. As the series went on, Roy would come around to becoming friends with Ted and, after retiring at the end of season 1, would return to the team as a member of Ted’s coaching staff.

Sudeikis and Goldstein, the ensemble cast for Ted Lasso includes Hannah Waddingham, Jeremy Swift, Phil Dunster, Brendan Hunt, Nick Mohammed, Juno Temple, Sarah Niles and Toheeb Jimoh. Based on the eponymous character first created by NBC Sports and developed by Sudeikis, Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence, Hunt and Joe Kelly, the Apple TV+ series has scored rave reviews from critics and audiences alike for its heartwarming tone, well-meaning themes, charming humor and the performances from its cast. Ted Lasso season 1 scored big at the Primetime Emmy Awards with 20 nominations, the most for any freshman comedy series, and brought home four statues, including Best Actor for Sudeikis, Best Actress for Waddingham, Outstanding Comedy Series and Best Supporting Actor for Goldstein, and with season 2 seeing higher acclaim than its predecessor, one star is excited about their awards chances.

Goldstein has become a breakout star with his work as Roy Kent in Ted Lasso, even rivaling Sudeikis’ suitably charming performance as the titular coach to become a fan-favorite series character. Some audiences even took to presenting an odd theory that Goldstein wasn’t a real person, but rather a CGI creation, to which Goldstein himself cheekily responded by shooting it down, even responding in the most Roy Kent way possible that the theory was a “f—-ng load of mad s–t”. Even prior to his new Emmy nomination, Goldstein showed how closely intertwined he and Roy are in real life as he struggled not to swear when accepting his Emmy win for Ted Lasso season 1.

Jimoh’s performance is largely seen as the breakout role of his career, with his character taking a more central role in season 2. Similarly to Ted Lasso’s Rebecca storyline being crucial for its dramatic stakes, the pair’s growth will likely inform their plot resolutions. Jimoh’s quote implies that the final season will continue to expand on Sam as a character and give him a sense of narrative finality when the series airs its ending.

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