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Taylor Swift’s Voice Makes Christian Bale Goosebumps While Filming ‘Amsterdam’

Taylor Swift’s Voice Makes Christian Bale Goosebumps While Filming ‘Amsterdam’

A number of top stars also enliven the cast of “Amsterdam”, including Christian Bale and Taylor Swift. While speaking to People, Bale reminisced about shooting a scene with Swift, who had a minor role. It was related to Swift’s voice that made Bale feel goosebumps. Bale is also familiar with Swift’s songs because his daughter loves to sing her songs.

“When my daughter was little she sang a lot of songs,” Bale said. “So it was going around in my head a lot, different Taylor Swift songs while I was standing there.” In this film set in the 1930s from Oscar-nominated director David O. Russell, Bale and John David Washington play World War I veterans accused of murder. While trying to clear their names, they uncover a massive conspiracy. Washington joined Bale and Swift for the singing scene.

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“David once said, ‘Hey, Christian and J.D., you guys just shut up for this scene. Let’s just leave it to Taylor.’ It’s amazing when you have someone with such a beautiful voice there,” Bale said. “Standing right next to me. It gives me goosebumps.”It seems that shooting for the film was really fun for Bale. Bale also had fun with his other co-stars including Chris Rock. Bale confessed that he couldn’t stop laughing because of Rock so he asked Rock to shut up.

“I found myself giggling during the shoot,” he added. “I was like the Christian idiot from England, giggling and being a stand-up fan of Chris Rock. So I really had to go to him and say, ‘Dude, no. I have to cover my ears,’ because he’s so great.”

Ms. Trunchbull Really Hates Kids In ‘Matilda The Musical’

“Matilda The Musical” will premiere globally at the BFI London Film Festival. The film is based on Roald Dahl’s 1988 eponymous children’s book and the 2010 musical adaptation of the hit.

The upcoming musical fantasy film is the second film centered on a fictional protagonist, after Danny DeVito’s 1996 film, which starred Mara Wilson as Matilda. In 2021, it was announced that Emma Thompson would play the role of Ms. Trunchbull is in a new adaptation, and his character’s first look was revealed in a trailer in June 2022.

Thompson’s own character is known to be quite evil and does not like children. While talking to Deadline, Thompson also discussed his villain character. The actress explained that she took a slightly different approach to the character.

Instead of basing it on a man like how stage adaptations were done before, Thompson took inspiration from the life of the English poet, Dame Edith Sitwell, to give Trunchbull some sort of backdrop. Trunchbull Thompson, like Sitwell, was bullied and abused as a child, therefore he cannot tolerate any vulnerability in children and is very harsh on them due to his own trauma.

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“I asked how far you want me to go as a man. And they said, no, we’re staying away from that, but I want him to be real,” he said. “I decided Trunchbull was cruel because he couldn’t let go of his own childhood. And he couldn’t show vulnerability to children.”

When Thompson’s casting was first announced for Matilda, it proved quite controversial as her physique didn’t match Trunchbull’s muscular characterization. But it didn’t become a debate for long, because with the right prosthetics, Thompson was quickly able to recreate Trunchbull’s muscular figure.

“So we kind of approached it from a very real point of view,” he said. “It was very interesting. I also had a lot of fun with prosthetics.”

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