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Tae Yeon discusses the difference between SNSD when they were still a leader

Tae Yeon discusses the difference between SNSD when they were still a leader

One of SNSD’s (Girls’ Generation) schedules since their comeback is being a guest on “Ask Us Anything” or also known as “Knowing Bros”. SNSD’s episode can be watched today, Saturday (13/8) at 20:50 KST.

When appearing on “Ask Us Anything”, Tae Yeon introduced himself as SNSD’s “old leader”. Before the comeback, SNSD’s leader changed every month and now it’s Yoona’s turn to lead the other seven members.

Yoona herself was chosen to be the most talkative member in the SNSD chat group. Tae Yeon also told the difference between his leadership era and YoonA today.

“When I was the leader, there was no Wi-Fi or social media. So it was my job to gather members,” said Tae Yeon. Previously, Tiffany had compared YoonA’s position as a class leader to the MBC Radio FM4U program “Kim Shin-young’s Noon.” Hope Song”. According to Tiffany, if YoonA is the class president, she and Sooyoung are the representatives who help organize the members’ clothes and schedules.

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In addition, Sunny shared the difference between SNSD then and now. With the members getting older, there has been a change in their drinking habits. In the past, according to him, not many members came with drinks and now things are different.

“In the past there were no members who followed me to drink, but now there are too many members who appear after drinking alcohol,” explained Sunny.

Meanwhile, SNSD released the new song “FOREVER 1” on August 5 bringing the pop dance genre with dynamic development and energetic melody. According to Hanteo, the album “FOREVER 1” has sold more than 100,000 copies on the first day of release.

Girls’ Generation says this member has grown the most since the last comeback

Along with their comeback with the full album “FOREVER 1”, Girls’ Generation had an interview with Billboard. Here, the girl groups talk to each other, revealing who’s grown the most since their last comeback last 2o17.

Tae Yeon chose Tiffany and Sooyoung, who participated in the songwriting and lyrics for the album “FOREVER 1”. This is also the first time that a Girls’ Generation member’s own song has escaped to be included on their album.

“Tiffany and Sooyoung have been actively involved and participated in the process of making the album. This is Tiffany’s first time directing and producing a track, so it’s really amazing to see her carry out rules and messages,” said Tae Yeon.

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The oldest member of Girls’ Generation continued, “Her leadership skills are very, very professional. I noticed that Sooyoung’s vocals, especially for this comeback, are impressive, and I’m really happy with how much she has improved and how strong she has been over the years.”

Yoona agreed with Tae Yeon, saying that it was Tiffany who developed the most. “Everyone is growing fast, but I have to say especially Tiffany who has grown the most, because this album contains songs that she composed. This is actually the first time our album includes a song by one of our members, so I’m really proud!” he exclaimed.

Kwon Yuri commented, “Tiffany is the first among our members to debut as a composer on our album! She made a great song called ‘Villain’ and I was touched when our members sang the song. For me personally, I was surprised by how much color was added. vocals that I get compared to before. It’s great to be able to explore that and sing more freely.”

Meanwhile, according to Hanteo Chart, “FOREVER 1” sold over 100,000 copies on August 8 alone, breaking Girls’ Generation’s previous first-week sales record of 90,217 set by their 2017 album, “Holiday Night” in just the first day of sales. In the first week of release, “FOREVER 1” sold 186,687 copies (August 8 to 14).

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