Synopsis of Korean Drama Big Mouth, Premiere 29 July 2022

After completing his mandatory military service for two years, Lee Jong-Suk immediately returned to star in a Korean drama with Im YoonA. The two of them play a married couple in the drama Big Mouse / Big Mouth which will premiere on July 29, 2022.

This is one of the Korean dramas that YoonA and Lee Jong-Suk’s fans have been waiting for. This drama tells the story of Park Chang Ho, played by Lee Jong-Suk and YoonA, who plays Go Mi Ho.

Curious what the story is like? Let’s see the review below.

  1. Lee Jong-Suk becomes a lawyer

Park Chang Ho is a lawyer with only a 10 percent chance of winning. Although good at talking, but people call him Big Mouth or big mouth.

Park Chang Ho struggles to become a reliable lawyer because his current position is a lower-middle class lawyer.

He is a brave lawyer. But the cases handled are never easy. In carrying out his profession and work, Park Chang Ho gets the full support of his wife, Go Mi Ho.

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  1. Get involved in a scandal

Park Chang Ho was involved in a fraud scandal known as the Big Mouse. He was accused of being a fraud. This makes Park Chang Ho have to deal with the police and stay behind bars.

Go Mi Ho, who believes that her husband is innocent, then looks for ways to save her husband from the law. She tried to clear her husband’s name from the scandal that caught the attention of the Korean public.

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  1. Go Mi Ho works as a nurse

Go Mi Ho is one of the nurses at the hospital. He does his job well and always works hard.

He is a good and cheerful person. Go Mi Ho is also always polite and friendly to patients at the hospital where he works.

She also used her job to find evidence that her husband was innocent.

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  1. Reveal the conspiracy of the upper class

Go Mi Ho and her husband must try to uncover a big conspiracy carried out by high-class people. This was done to save their family and clear Park Chang Ho’s name from charges of fraud and murder scandal.

Go Mi Ho becomes a faithful wife and still trusts her husband. She tried her best to save her husband from the accusations that were deemed baseless. He conducts his own investigation to uncover the real criminal.

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  1. Premiere in July

Drama Big Mouth will premiere on July 29, 2022. This drama will replace the drama Dr Lawyer which is currently still airing.

This drama is one of the most anticipated dramas by international Korean drama lovers. Considering that Lee Jong Suk has been on hiatus for two years due to military service. Fans have high hopes and hope that the drama Big Mouth will be a success and attract a lot of attention.

That’s a synopsis and an overview of the Korean drama Big Mouth. Set your calendar so you don’t miss the premiere of this drama in July!


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