Steam Summer Sale 2022 is Officially Rolling! It’s time to hunt games at low prices

The 2022 Steam Summer Sale is rolling in Indonesia starting this Friday, June 24, 2022. It’s time to hunt for games with various discounts, Steam Summer Sale 2022 this time, what game are you going to buy? The Steam Summer Sale is one of the discount events that gamers around the world must wait for. How come? The Steam Summer Sale brings a series of attractive discounts on many game titles available on the platform.

For those of you who may not know, Steam is a digital distribution service platform for PC games. You can find various game titles released on PC, both those developed by indie developers to other big names, such as Bethesda, Bandai Namco, SEGA, and so on.

As we know, maybe not everyone can buy a new game at the beginning of its release. You need to know that the price of new games at the time of release is generally around IDR 500-800 thousand, even certain editions are sold for up to IDR 1 million. Even so, many are also sold at prices below that, especially games released by indie developers. With the arrival of the 2022 Steam Summer Sale, this of course makes gamers excited to add to the collection of games they want to play at low prices. Interesting right? Through this Steam Summer Sale, you can get games that were originally sold at a low price now get a 50% discount that can be redeemed. Even Steam has also added a row of discounted game titles at low prices.

Who is not tempted to add to the collection of games in the Steam Library at a price that is also right for this student’s pocket, right? Steam Summer Sale 2022 takes place from 24 June – 8 July 2022 based on Indonesian time. Get thousands of game titles at low prices on the 2022 Steam Summer Sale, discounts up to 90%, you know! Check now the 2022 Steam Summer Sale via the official website or application on your laptop or PC. Will the games that are on your wish list get a discount on the 2022 Steam Summer Sale this time?

For those of you who have been playing PC games for a long time, of course, you are no stranger to a platform called Steam. Through Steam, you can find thousands of game titles that you can play on your PC or laptop. Starting from free ones or what is more popularly known as free to play, to paid ones, including AAA games. Along with the arrival of the 2022 Steam Summer Sale, of course there are some game titles that you want to buy, right? No need to worry about difficult payment methods, you can buy games on Steam using one of the most accessible payment methods in Indonesia, namely DANA. Then, how do you buy games on Steam to pay with DANA? It’s easy, let’s look at the following guide or how to buy games on Steam and pay using FUNDS.

Before following the method below, make sure you have a balance that matches the price of the game you want to buy on Steam.

How to buy games on Steam pay with DANA:

  • Open the Steam application or website on your laptop or PC.
  • Please login using your own account.
  • Select the game you want to buy on Steam.
  • Then press “Add to cart” Select “Purchase for myself”, the “Purchase as a gift” option you can use if you want to buy games for other people.
  • Then select the “DANA” payment method, then press “Continue”.
  • Don’t forget to check the agreement section, then press the “Continue to Smart2Pay” button.
  • You will be redirected to a window that leads to the DANA payment method.
  • Now, enter the cellphone number that corresponds to the DANA account correctly.
  • Enter the pin and verification code sent to your cellphone.
  • Finally, press PAY to complete the payment process for buying games on Steam using DANA.

The method above may seem a little long. However, you can try it directly to buy Steam games that may have been included in the wish list and you can buy them during the 2022 Summer Sale.

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