Six’s Tattoo In The Gray Man Greek Myth & Real Meaning

The Gray Man’s main character Sierra Six talks about his tattoo of a mythological figure’s name in Greek, with the myth connecting to his own story. Claire and Six have a notable chat in The Gray Man about the meaning of his tattoo of a Greek name, though he never tells her the identity of the mythological figure. Netflix’s The Gray Man follows Sierra Six, whose real name is Court Gentry, a CIA assassin whose prison sentence was commuted in exchange for a lifelong commitment to the agency. After he uncovers dark secrets about the CIA, Six goes on the run. As the CIA tries to track down their most accomplished assassin, the antagonistic Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans) captures Six’s mentor Donald Fitzroy and his niece Claire, the two people closest to family that Ryan Gosling’s character has.

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The Gray Man launches into flashbacks to when the two first met. While Donald was away, Six was tasked with watching over the orphaned Claire, who has a heart condition that requires a pacemaker. Six and Claire’s first real meeting sees the confident young girl ask Six about a curious tattoo on his arm, which she rightly guesses that he got while in prison. The Gray Man’s title character explains that the tattoo is the name of a Greek guy who was punished by the Gods, being forced to push a boulder up a hill for the rest of his life – an apt connection to how Six perceives his own struggles.

The Gray Man could be the first film in a franchise. So the question is: Does the action flick have a post-credits scene teasing what’s to come? The Gray Man have an after credits scene? Directed by Avengers: Endgame filmmakers Anthony and Joe Russo, The Gray Man is adapted to the big screen from the 2009 novel by Mark Greaney. The film has been in development since 2011. Back then, Brad Pitt was attached. In 2015, Charlize Theron was considered to star, but The Gray Man ultimately picked up steam again with the Russo Brothers and Netflix’s involvement.

The Gray Man will draw similarities to The Bourne Identity movies and its action sequences have an old-school feel to them. In the Netflix film, Ryan Gosling plays Sierra Six, a black ops mercenary with the CIA who is tasked with killing a target. However, things go awry and Sierra Six finds himself on the run after he discovers a few agency secrets that Denny Carmichael (Bridgerton’s Regé-Jean Page) and his associates do not want to get out. There are more than a few reunions in the film, with Chris Evans (who plays the sordid Lloyd Hansen) returning to work with the Russo Brothers and Ana de Armas (portraying Dani Miranda) reuniting with both Evans and Gosling, with whom she co-starred in Knives Out and Blade Runner 2049, respectively.

The Gray Man leaves a couple of major plot threads hanging by the end of the film, many will wonder if there is a post-credits scene. After all, the Russo Brothers would be no strangers to them, having included them when they directed their slate of Marvel Cinematic Universe films. However, The Gray Man does not have an after credits scene. There is no mid-credits scene, either, which is interesting since the film certainly plays out like a franchise starter. It’s possible there will be more of Sierra Six in the future, but the film’s ending — sans a hint of what could be coming story-wise — will have to suffice.

The Gray Man never explicitly states the mythological figure’s name, the Greek man whose name Six has tattooed is Sisyphus. In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was the founder and king of Corinth, who was punished by the Gods for escaping death twice through trickery. On the first occasion, Zeus ordered Thanatos to chain Sisyphus in a torturous abyss, but Sisyphus tricked Thanatos, the divine personification of death, and tied him instead, preventing death from occurring on Earth. After Ares intervened, Sisyphus cheated death a second time by tricking Hades to allow him to briefly return to Earth, only for the king to stay and live to old age. As The Gray Man movie mentions, Zeus condemned Sisyphus to roll a massive boulder up a hill, though it would roll back to the bottom once it neared the top, with the Greek figure repeating this effort for eternity in the afterlife. The meaning of Sisyphus’ Greek myth is often related to laborious or impossible tasks and is used to describe hopeless struggles.

Claire asks Six whether the Greek figure ever made it to the top, The Gray Man’s character replies that he’ll let her know, suggesting he sees himself as Sisyphus. With Six feeling such a personal connection to Sisyphus and having gotten the tattoo while in prison, he likely sees his struggle for freedom as his own version of rolling a boulder up a hill that always falls back down.

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