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‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ Episode 6: Hulk, Married, Divorced Review

‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ Episode 6: Hulk, Married, Divorced Review

It might be the first day of fall, but on She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, wedding season is still going strong. Or divorce season, depending on who you ask. Yes, despite the Daredevil tease last week, Episode 6, “Just Jen,” does not feature Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) at all and is instead, as Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) puts it, “a self-contained wedding episode.” This week, there is absolutely no “lawyering of the law” from Jen as she heads out of town for her high school friend Lulu’s (Patti Harrison) midweek wedding, where she has been asked to be a bridesmaid — complete with confetti-filled swag box and everything.

Jen is excited to use the wedding as an opportunity to try out one of the dresses that superhero designer Luke (Griffin Matthews) made for her. Not going in her suitcase is the supersuit he also made her, which Jen insists she’ll never wear. Never say never, Jen. She arrives at the wedding rocking her new dress, and in full She-Hulk mode, much to the distress of the bride, who doesn’t want Jen pulling focus from her on her big day.

As much as she wanted to bask in the confidence boost that comes from being She-Hulk, she agrees to turn back into her normal self. Now positively swimming in her party dress — I thought she wanted her clothes to adjust to both bodies, Luke? — things go from awkward to worse for Jen as Titania (Jameela Jamil) arrives at the rehearsal dinner as the plus one of a groomsman. Jen calls her out for being there to mess with her and Titania protests just emphatically enough to confirm that messing with Jen is the only reason she’s actually there.

All is not lost, however, as Jen’s solitary sulk session is interrupted by Josh (Trevor Salter), a handsome friend of the groom’s who seems earnestly interested in getting to know her. When later at the wedding reception she drunkenly shares that she was hoping to use the weekend to revel in her professional success, and shortly after Hulks out, Josh still seems interested in her throughout. If a man this kind and understanding turns out to be an actual genuine love interest and not a pawn of some villain or another, then it is this, and not the superpowers, that requires the greatest suspension of my 30-something-year-old disbelief.

But Jen didn’t Hulk out because of a loss of control or to impress Josh. Rather, Titania proved Jen’s — and the audience’s — suspicions correct when she tried to pick a fight while Jen was really feeling the effects of alcohol on her very human metabolism. For the first time since Episode 1, Titania exhibits her super-strength and flings Jen across the patio, goading her to transform into She-Hulk because it’s less fun to fight her like this. I’d argue it’s just worse for her image. Nevertheless, Jen indulges her and the two have it out, with Jen coming out on top and Titania leaving in humiliation.

Though it’s only her second episode with prominent screen time, it’s difficult to really get a handle on Titania as a character. If she were the big bad antagonist, purely as a super-strong social media influencer afraid of Jen infringing on her territory, that would be one thing. A low-stakes villain for a relatively low-stakes series. Not everything needs to be about the fate of the universe, after all. However, in her first, brief appearance at the end of the first episode, she burst through the courthouse wall, seemingly unaware of who Jen was — which means it’s more likely she’s working for whoever it is trying to steal Jen’s blood. It’s a little early to be drawing this kind of conclusion, but I hope a show that has gotten it so right so far with the experiences of women in their 30s doesn’t use the opportunity to pivot into some kind of “not like other girls” mentality.

Meanwhile, while Jen is away at the wedding, Nikki (Ginger Gonzaga) has been assigned to help out Mallory (Renée Elise Goldsberry) with a divorce case. Things get a little more complicated when their client, Mr. Immortal (David Pasquesi) reveals that he has been married several times, and rather than ending things in divorce, he simply runs into traffic and stages his own death, then changes his identity and the cycle begins anew. He even uses the same method to exit Mallory’s office when she and Nikki argue about the best approach. He is just that confrontation-averse. Putting aside the horrifying implications of forcing many people to witness what looks like a suicide, this subplot was actually unexpectedly enjoyable for how it paired up Nikki and Mallory. Though Nikki seemed initially resistant to working with the more-serious Mallory, and Mallory wasn’t particularly receptive to Nikki’s interjections, the two found common ground in the end as Nikki negotiated specific settlements for each of Mr. Immortal’s spurned spouses.

On a tip from one of said spouses, the two wind up checking out a video of Mr. Immortal on Intelligencia, a website for “hateful man babies” the likes of which each one of us has encountered at least once. From there, they find a link to another page concerning She-Hulk, a page filled with disgusting comments and death threats. Though Mallory thinks they should keep it from Jen, Nikki opts to leave her a message about it, which might wind up saving her life as the episode ends with the revelation that Jen is under surveillance by the same people who tried to take her blood a few weeks ago.

As an episode, “Just Jen” managed to retain the lighthearted, weekly procedural format that has made the series work so well thus far. If there is one struggle overall, it is the series’ tendency to set up a plot point — Titania, Daredevil — and not follow up for a few weeks. While this works well enough in an actual procedural show with 22+ episodes, it can at times feel a little jarring to not address those things right away. But with Jen barely holding her own in the fight against Titania, I’d wager next week she calls a fellow lawyer-turned-superhero for a little advice on how it’s done. Rage will only get you so far.

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