She-Hulk Addresses X-Men and Fantastic Four Easter Eggs


Episode 5 director Anu Valia has commented on the teaser X-Men moment during the episode’s credits.
Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has been another triumph for Disney+, even if some people still won’t admit it. While the production was hampered by reports that it was “a mess,” for those who have been willing to forget that this is not some big screen, multiverse-spanning action movie and enjoy it for the silly comedy it is meant to be, it has been an enjoyable series. One thing that has added to the fun is the frivolous way the series has been able to throw in numerous nods to the X-Men and Fantastic Four in a way that normal MCU projects cannot.

Recently, episode 5 director Anu Valia broke her silence about the piece of art used in the credits that depict the shoe collection of Pug. The image in question is one of the many drawings that are used over the credits of the series, and it plays into the earlier conversation in Episode 5 where Pug talks about his epic shoe collection to Nikki. As well as featuring the discussed Iron Man 3 shoes, the picture also includes what appear to be shoes that are stylized around characters such as Doctor Doom, Cyclops, The Thing, and even Deadpool. However, Valia confessed that she had no input in the references, and is as much in the dark as anyone. She told TVLine:

“I can’t speak to that [because] all those Easter eggs in that drawing, a lot of other minds has input there, and I did not. So I can’t really speak to that.”

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She-Hulk Still Has More Cameos To Offer
The marketing of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has been criticized by some as giving away its biggest show cameo, that of Daredevil, as part of the marketing. This argument gained a lot of traction following the final moments of episode 5, which delivered the big reveal of Daredevil’s new yellow mask being boxed up and ready to be shipped to its recipient, Matt Murdock. However, this moment was not as big as it could have been thanks to Daredevil already being featured in the original She-Hulk trailers. However, She-Hulk’s Ginger Gonzaga recently said that there are still plenty of other surprising cameos to come. She said:

“The show is now definitely switching into what it looks like when you have petty, idiot supervillains and superheroes who are either antagonizing you or need to be represented by you. The thing about working in a superhuman law division is we can represent anyone, so we get comic book characters that haven’t entered the Marvel Universe yet, that you haven’t seen in any of the trailers. And you get to see the idiocy of the ridiculously fun superheroes who have legal trouble and may or may not listen to their attorneys. I’m really excited for people to see these guest stars that are in the comic books.”

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’s new episode will arrive on Disney+ later this week, with the first 5 episodes already streaming.