Seasons Of The Orville Will Release On Disney+ Soon

The Orville season 3 finale, all three episodes of the hit series from Seth MacFarlane will be available to stream on Disney+. The Orville will be arriving on Disney+ soon. Created by Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane, The Orville premiered on Fox in September 2017 and was both an homage to and a parody of Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation. The series stars MacFarlane alongside an ensemble cast including Adriananne Palicki (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Penny Jonhson Jerald (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), and Scott Grimes (American Dad).

The series ran for two seasons on Fox and season 3 moved to Hulu where it premiered on June 2, 2022, under the title The Orville: New Horizons. While there was a three-year wait between season 2 and season 3 of The Orville, much like the series it is riffing on, the show gained a passionate and loyal fanbase. There presently has been no word on if The Orville will return for season 4, but the newest development suggests Fox and parent company Disney has big plans for the series.

Its Own Borg More Dangerous The Orville’s Aronov device presents the opportunity for time travel to be weaponized by the Kaylon, similar to the Borg in Star Trek: First Contact. The opening sequence of The Orville season 3, episode 6, “Twice in a Lifetime,” redoes Star Trek: First Contact, which makes their Borg, the Kaylon, much more dangerous. The Kaylon, artificial lifeforms who are waging war on the Planetary Union are the main antagonists of The Orville’s universe. Where Star Trek’s Borg Collective wants to assimilate all cultures, the Kaylon wish to destroy all organic life. The conflict with the Kaylon began in The Orville’s critically acclaimed season 2 episodes “Identity” and “Identity, Part II,” but this time they’ve been set up as a much bigger threat than before.

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Star Trek, and “Identity” is a clear homage to the classic, Borg-centric Star Trek: The Next Generation two-parter “Best of Both Worlds.” In the opening sequence of The Orville season 3, episode 6, the Planetary Union comes into conflict with the Kaylon once again, when a routine mission to escort dangerous technology is ambushed. The technology, held aboard the Orville, is a device capable of sending items back and forward through time. Concerned about its use as a weapon, the Union wishes it to be locked away at a secure research station that has been attacked by the Kaylon, setting the scene for an almighty space battle that recalls the opening battle in Star Trek: First Contact. The Orville season 3, episode 6, “Twice in a Lifetime,” isn’t a Kaylon-centric action movie, however. The battle is a precursor to the temporal accident that sends helmsman Gordon Malloy back to the 21st century. Malloy’s life on 21st century Earth slightly mirrors Rios’ plot in Star Trek: Picard season 2, but his actions in the 21st-century risk jeopardizing the very future of humanity, a pertinent reminder of the serious consequences of time travel. By showing the troubling results of a sympathetic character like Gordon’s use of time travel, The Orville demonstrates just how dangerous it would be in the hands of the series’ main villains, the Kaylon.

San Diego Comic-Con 2022, during the panel for The Orville, MacFarlane revealed that all three seasons of the show would be arriving on Disney+ on August 10. This follows the season finale of The Orville season 3, which is set to air on August 4. The series will continue to stream on Hulu, which is also owned by Disney. Disney+ has been adding a lot more material from Hulu, ABC, and Fox to the streaming service. The network added Black-ish and The Wonder Years earlier this year, as well as bringing in the various Marvel series like Daredevil and Jessica Jones that originated on Netflix. Love, Victor was originally developed for Disney+ before being moved over to Hulu. But now the series finally became available to stream on Disney+ with the premiere of season 3 with both additional seasons added as well. The Orville is just one of many examples of ways Disney+ is expanding the type of material on its platform as well as engaging with a wider audience.

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