Season 6 Finale Rick Finally Tackled An Irreversible Problem

Season 6 Finale Rick Finally Tackled An Irreversible Problem

Whereas the Rick and Morty season 6 finale was largely a light-hearted and silly affair, the episode nonetheless seen the current take care of its distinctive tonal quandary. It is not clear, from episode to episode, what Rick and Morty’s tone is. In a variety of outings, the Grownup Swim hit is as anarchically silly as a result of it was once more in season 1 (albeit fairly much less edgy) whereas, in numerous episodes, Rick and Morty has dramatic scenes which might be carried out absolutely straight.

All by means of Rick and Morty season 6, the gathering has bounced between freewheeling comedy and darker character drama with out deciding on one tone over the other. Whether or not or not Rick’s nihilism makes him irredeemable has made Rick and Morty a darker current by means of the years, nevertheless the question has been considerably important given that season 5 finale gave Rick a clear different to fluctuate his strategies and take care of Morty and the Smith family further equitably. However, since Rick and Morty season 6 didn’t know if the current wished to be the episodic comedy assortment that was or one factor further formidable, uncommon, and darkish, this question went unanswered—until the finale.

Ricktional Mortpoon’s Rickmas Mortcation Balances Comedy With Drama

For most likely essentially the most half, Rick and Morty season 6, episode 10, “Ricktional Mortpoon’s Rickmas Mortcation” is a silly story about Morty dropping a lightsaber and the President later doing the an identical. Identical to the earlier outing, which recreated a hated Rick and Morty episode and made the story sillier, lighter, and fewer edgy, “Ricktional Mortpoon’s Rickmas Mortcation” is a break from the dramatic character work that Rick has confronted in season 6. However, all through the goofy story of Morty’s disastrous Christmas present, “Ricktional Mortpoon’s Rickmas Mortcation” generally is a tragic story about Rick retreating from his remaining connection to the true world, Morty, and ending up alone collectively along with his all-consuming obsession.

Throughout the closing moments of the Rick and Morty season 6 finale, Rick in the end drags Morty down with him when he reveals that he has been monitoring Rick Prime all this time. This subplot reveals that, although Rick and Morty season 6 broke its tips when Rick displayed respect for Morty and perception in his grandson, this was really solely a cleverly disguised misdirection. In fact, that was a robotic standing in for Rick, and the true Rick is as self-centered and obsessive as on a regular basis. However, due to his isolation throughout the family basement, he is further unhinged than ever, a change that brings once more Rick and Morty’s oldest issue.

Why Rick and Morty Season 6 Moved Away From Serialization

Since season 1, Rick and Morty has been caught between the current’s penchant for serialized character drama and its origins as a silly, chaotic comedy current. This can be seen throughout the tonal disparity between the season 6 premiere and the rest of season 6. Whereas the premiere featured a devastating glimpse into Rick’s earlier sooner than he misplaced his family, in distinction, the saddest second in Rick and Morty season 6, half 2’s first episode was the return of season 1’s Butter Robotic. After the premiere’s dramatic events, the remainder of Rick and Morty season 6 made a acutely conscious switch away from serialized storylines and in direction of goofier standalone silliness.