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Rick and Morty Creator Offering Reward

Justin Roiland, the co-creator of Rick and Morty, has offered a “rare” reward for the safe return of his missing pen at San Diego Comic-Con 2022. Justin Roiland implores Rick and Morty fans to locate his misplaced pen at San Diego Comic-Con 2022. The co-creator of the hit animated comedy, Roiland also voices both of the show’s titular characters Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith. Other cast members include Chris Parnell as the voice of Jerry, Spencer Grammer as the voice of Summer, and Sarah Chalke as the voice of Beth.

Based on a Back to the Future parody created by Roiland in 2006, Rick and Morty depicts the interdimensional adventures of a drunk scientist and his teenage grandson. Launching in 2013, with approximately 51 episodes released to date, the show is currently awaiting the premiere of its sixth season. Rising to critical acclaim with a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 94%, the show also boasts a cult fan following whose dedication to the series has manifested in memes, cosplays, and an aggressive consumption of McDonald’s limited Szechuan sauce after it was featured in the show’s third season.

Rick & Morty’s huge season 5 finale twists saw the series (and Rick) joke about fan theories, but there was a deeper meaning behind the throwaway gag. Since the series started, Rick & Morty has had an uneven relationship with fan theories, but season 5’s finale made it clear that the show is no longer playing into online speculation. When Rick & Morty’s season 3 premiere “The Rickhshank Rickdemption” seemingly revealed Rick’s mysterious backstory, only to then reveal that it was all a lie from the amoral antihero, the show seemed to be deliberately trolling some of its more invested fans. Rick & Morty’s gleeful dismissal of canon and continuity had already implied that the anarchic comedy might never offer answers to Rick’s backstory and many other mysteries, but this non-reveal seemed designed to confirm major fan theories and then snatch away clarity after the fact. Similarly, when Rick & Morty season 4 saw a long-forgotten canon nemesis briefly appear with an army in tow, only to reveal that Evil Morty didn’t actually matter in the plot of “The Never-Ricking Morty” (season 4, episode 6), it once again seemed that fans were being deliberately misled. Rick & Morty has always bounced between being a silly comedy series wherein nothing matters, life is cheap, and retcons abound, and a more serious character study that subverts and deconstructs both sci-fi and sitcom tropes. However, in these two instances, Rick & Morty seemed to pointedly address the fact that fans had well-researched ideas about how the show would go, only to dismiss these theories outright or spoof them.

Rick & Morty’s season 5 finale doubled down on this tactic, taking numerous major fan theories and either disregarding or confirming them in rapid succession while also mocking viewers for being invested in them. Bringing back Evil Morty in the episode’s closing ten minutes and revealing Rick’s backstory to be exactly what most viewers suspected (complete with a canny fourth-wall nod), Rick & Morty’s season 5 finale proved that the show has no interest in playing into fan demands. Rick & Morty did prove some fan theories were right, but the way the show did so, combined with the rest of season 5’s approach to both standalone and serialized storytelling, betrays that the Adult Swim series had bigger plans than Easter egg payoffs for eagle-eyed viewers.

Roiland has called upon the assistance of Rick and Morty fans at San Diego Comic-Con after losing his pen. Taking to Twitter, Roiland shared a picture of the black pen in question, inscribed with his name, and asked followers to return it to one of the booths at the convention. Undoubtedly ravenous for information on the sixth season, fans may have been disappointed by the show’s lack of updates, though it was confirmed that a 2022 release date was still planned. Despite this, fervent fans may have found their appetites sated with the release of Vindicators 2 and the revelation that both Rick and Morty would become playable characters in Warner Bros’ new platform fighter game, MultiVerus.

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