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[REVIEW] One Piece Film: Red—Shanks’ Princess Who Started a New Era

[REVIEW] One Piece Film: Red—Shanks’ Princess Who Started a New Era

Since its release in Japan on August 6, One Piece Film: Red has become one of the highest-grossing anime in Japan, even beating Jujutsu Kaisen 0. That’s not surprising given the huge community of One Piece fans. Moreover, it has been 3 years since this series released a new film.

Not only that, the thing that makes One Piece Film: Red very special is that Shanks has a big role in this film. As we all know, Shanks is an important character for the series, but his figure is still mysterious to this day. Therefore, it is not surprising that fans want to see the action of this Red Hair Pirate Captain.

Without further ado, this time the author will discuss a review of the latest One Piece film on this one. Want to know how much fun it is? Check out the following One Piece Film: Red review.

focusing on a singer who wants to start a new era

Set on the music-loving island of Elegia, the film features a new character known as Uta. Uta herself is a famous diva who is highly idolized in Elegia. The story begins with Uta holding a concert which is coincidentally witnessed by several pirates, including the Straw Hat Pirates and several Marines.

Everything went smoothly at first. However, chaos begins when Luffy and Uta meet in front of thousands of spectators. During the reunion, it was revealed that Uta was Luffy’s childhood friend and the daughter of one of the Yonko, Shanks. Even though Uta briefly controls the situation, things get even more muddy when he reveals his true goal, which is to start a new era.

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Overall the plot of One Piece Film: Red is not much different from the format of the previous One Piece films. The way the director, Goro Taniguchi, is very typical of the One Piece style. However, what distinguishes this film from other films is that it carries a musical theme.

From the beginning to the middle of the film, the film focuses more on Uta who continues to sing in every moment. This makes the plot less pronounced as the film spends a lot of time with Uta’s songs. It must be admitted that the songs that Uta brought were indeed pleasant to hear. However, if you want to focus on the plot, the first part of the film might seem boring to you.

The complicated relationship between Uta, Shanks, and Luffy

As the author already mentioned, Uta is Shanks’ daughter and Luffy’s childhood friend. In the past, Shanks had brought Uta when he visited Fhoosa Village. It was there, Luffy and Uta formed a friendship. Uta has a more mature nature than Luffy, but he still has a competitive spirit like Luffy. Therefore, their rivalry was the thing that brought them close.

Meanwhile, for Shanks, Uta is not only his daughter. However, he is also a musician for the Red Hair Pirates. Uta also has great respect for Shanks, just as Luffy respects Shanks. Unfortunately, everything changed when Shanks decided to leave Uta in Elegia. When the three met again, Uta was already on the opposite side of Luffy and Shanks.

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Although the plot has more or less the same format, the conflict in this film is different from the conflict in other One Piece films. This happens because the antagonist has a special relationship with the protagonist. That’s why, the conflict in this film feels more personal because the antagonist has a bond with the protagonist.

On the other hand, Uta is also not a truly evil antagonist. He just wants to create a new era where everyone is equal and happy. He even cried when the Marines shot one of his fans. You will probably have sympathy for Uta after knowing the motives and reasons for his goal.

Animation is quite good for an anime film

For a feature film, the studio must present something more special than the series so that the audience is more interested in watching the film, one of which is by presenting better animation. Well, the animation for One Piece Film: Red is quite good for an anime film.

Toei Animation does not provide much difference to the animation of this series and film. However, it must be admitted that the cinematography in this film is better than the series. As a sweetener, Toei Animation also presents an epic battle with animation that spoils the eyes at the climax of this film.

Meanwhile, the images in this film have very bright colors and are identical to anime that carries the theme of music. In terms of world-building, there isn’t much to say about Elegia, but the island is still quite a sight to behold.

Movie filled with cool music sung by Ado

As an anime film with a musical theme, One Piece Film: Red has a lot of music to cover. The film starts with Uta singing an energetic song called “New Genesis”. This song is sung by Ado in collaboration with Yasutaka Nataka.

Throughout the film will be filled by the melodious voice of Ado who sings many songs that are comfortable for the ears. The songs sung also adjust to the current situation. As the fight gets more intense, Uta will sing louder and more passionate songs. When the situation turned calmer, Uta would sing a slow and mellow song.

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All the songs featured in this film are wrapped in Ado’s album entitled Uta no Uta: ONE PIECE FILM RED. This album contains a total of eight songs with seven songs on the soundtrack of One Piece Film: Red and one special song entitled “Bink’s Sake”.

The movie goes really slow, but the climax saves everything

One Piece Film: Red has a duration of 115 minutes or 1 hour 55 minutes. For a film with a duration of less than 2 hours, the tempo of this film is quite slow. At first, this film spends too much time with Uta singing scenes. This might make you feel like you’re watching a Disney movie instead of One Piece.

Even so, the author admits that the climax did not disappoint. Taniguchi managed to make the audience feel at home sitting in their seats by presenting a stunning climax. As the film shows the conflict that keeps getting more and more complicated, the film also slowly explores Uta’s background and his relationship with Luffy and Shanks.

Don’t forget, the final battle in this film makes the film even more interesting to watch. For the first time, you’ll see the Straw Hat Pirates and the Red Hairs unite to defeat the same enemy. Although not much, the Red Hair crew also showed off their strength a bit in this fight.

One Piece Film: Red is not a perfect anime film. Even so, this film is still very worth watching, especially if you are Nakama or a One Piece fan. For this one film, the author gives a rating of 3/5. So, don’t forget to watch the film at your favorite cinema, OK!

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