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Review of Kemono Jihen, a Promising Underrated Anime

Titled in English Monster Incident, Kemono Jihen is based on the manga series by Shou Aimoto. This anime is a dark horse in Winter Anime 2021. Many underestimate this anime, but after its official release, not a few are captivated by the storyline.

The story in Kemono Jihen opens by featuring Inugami Kohachi, a special detective occult who comes to a remote village. He was summoned by an innkeeper in the village to solve the incident of livestock that had been torn apart by a mysterious creature. Inugami meets a boy who is often called “Dorotabou”. The bad name was pinned to him because he smelled the same as mud.

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The incident of the mysterious death of the cattle became the beginning for Dorotabou aka Kabane to become part of the Monster Shop, a detective agency run by Inugami. He also began to cultivate the determination to find the whereabouts of his mother. Plus, he realized there was a great power hidden within him.

Kabane is brought to Tokyo by Inugami and joins the Monster Shop. There he meets Shiki, Akira, Mihai, Inari, Kon and all other absurd events caused by supernatural beings.

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Either way, Kemono Jihen is a bleak anime. The characters, visuals, storylines and scenes in it are thick with dark things. However, Kabane’s innocent interaction, outspoken Shiki, and Akira who often feels inferior but is actually strong makes the comedy element feel strong.

The audience can be made to laugh or at least smile at the behavior of the children. But if the scene contains a sad story, the characters can’t fail to make their eyes teary. Kabane is a character who is good at making emotions feel random. Seeing him not shedding tears every time he talked about his mother, it felt like his heart was sliced.

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Well, the story of the first season of this anime mostly tells the background of the characters. So, there are still many things we need to see from the journey of Kabane, Shiki, Akira and others in this anime. Hopefully Ajia-Do actually makes a sequel to the story. I’m not satisfied with just one season. There’s been a lot of news about the Kemono Jihen sequel, but it’s all just speculation. I hope it really happens.

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Oh, yes, Kemono Jihen features a lot of gore scenes which are quite disturbing. Although the fight scenes are not that impressive, the level of horror of the bloody scenes is thicker than that of Tokyo Ghoul. viewers who can’t stand things like that, it’s better to get ready to watch this anime.

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