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Recommended War Anime That You Shouldn’t Miss

There are lots of anime recommendations that you can choose as entertainment, one of which is war anime recommendations. Yes, for those of you who like this genre, then some of these war anime recommendations can be an option.

Not only does it have a unique and tense storyline, the strategy to political stories in this anime can really entertain you. Some of the recommendations for this war anime also present a colossal story of the kingdoms of China and Japan.

So, what are the recommendations for the war anime? For that, quoted from various sources, here are some recommendations for war anime that you shouldn’t miss.


For the first anime, there is an anime titled KINGDOM as a recommendation for a popular war anime. Yes, this KINGDOM anime has the theme of war in the middle ages. This action and fantasy anime is inspired by the war during the Chinese imperial dynasty.

The KINGDOM anime tells the story of the journey of a warlord and a king who are trying to unite the mainland of China. In this third season, their struggle, which seemed to be in sight, turned out to have to go through much bigger obstacles than before.

The latest season of the KINGDOM anime is really suitable to watch for those of you who like colossal films that show a lot of elements of war and politics in it. Even KINGDOM became one of the popular anime for 2021-2022.

  1. 86 SEASON

Then there is also an anime titled 86 which is cool. This anime, titled 86, is one of the anime that you shouldn’t miss. Yes, the number 86 in this title is an adaptation of the Light Novel Eighty Six. And in this anime 86 SEASON 2 will focus on Vlaine Milize, a silver girl who supports the military faction 86.

The group is a group that acquires racism and is forced to fight against the Empire’s autonomous Legion under the orders of the Republican Handlers. For you anime lovers with the action genre, don’t miss it, KLovers. Because, the anime 86 SEASON 2 has become one of the most awaited anime.


If you are looking for a war anime recommendation that has a good storyline, then MADAN NO OU TO VANADIS is a title that should not be missed. This anime contains a story about the wars of countries in the Fantasy world.

One of the countries is called Zhcted which has seven regions and is ruled by female warlords. And it is one of the war anime recommendations that you don’t want to miss.


It’s no exaggeration if SENGOKU MUSOU is said to be the next best war anime recommendation. The anime, which was released in 2014, contains an epic story, KLovers. The character is a general named Toyotomi Hideyoshi who tries to unite the Japanese kingdom in one government.

Unfortunately, this desire gets a lot of obstacles. He and his army must face a kingdom called Odawara which is guarded by Ujiyasu Houjou. Houjou himself is a powerful warlord nicknamed the “Lion of Sagami”. And become one of the recommendations for war anime that has an extraordinary story.


SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN or often known as ATTACK ON TITAN is a war anime recommendation that you must watch. This anime can be said to be quite exciting because it has a military mixed survival genre. Of course, you will find many tense and addictive scenes.
Broadly speaking, this anime is about the threat of a strange species called Titan. Titan itself is described as a giant creature and will without a doubt devour anyone in front of it. In an effort to block Titan, humans built a giant fortress.

While watching this anime, you will meet a character named Eren. He is a child whose mother was devoured by a Titan and whose father disappeared. As a revenge attempt, he decides to enlist in the military along with Mikasa and Armin.

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