Recommended Films for Learning Dutch and History

Our country was colonized by the Dutch for hundreds of years. However, it turns out that very few Indonesians can speak Dutch compared to English. For polyglots (people who master various foreign languages) certainly do not forget to learn this language.

Dutch is very easy to understand because it is basically similar to German and English. But, it’s a shame that these languages ​​are not as popular as English, Arabic, German, and French. Even these languages ​​have received a patent allotted in favorite schools.

Well, for those of you who like to learn foreign languages, of course you have your own way to understand it, one of which is learning through films. Indeed, there are very few Indonesian films that feature Dutch. But calm down guys, here are movie recommendations that you can watch and learn Dutch at the same time.

  1. Kartini Movie

Kartini’s name is certainly not foreign. She became a figure of women’s emancipation in the country. The film, played by Dian Sastro and Reza Rahardian, is very interesting for those of you who like to learn Dutch through films.

From this film, you can find a way to introduce yourself from the scene when Kartini is talking to a woman named Cecile de Jong. Cecile says Ik ben Cecile de Jong (meaning Ik = I, ben = is; Cecile de Jong). In English it means I am Cecile de Jong. So, to be “am” in Dutch is “ben”.

  1. Oeroeg Movies

The film is directed by Hans Hylkema. Oeroeg film is a film that was released in 1993 and tells about the friendship between Johan and Oeroeg. Johan is the son of a Dutch nobleman, while Oeroeg is a native child.

The story of those who have been friends for years finally had to stop when Oeroeg fought for Indonesian independence. The film uses Dutch which is also quite easy to understand.

  1. Movie De Oost

This film tells the story of the cruelty of the KNIL leader, namely Raymond Westerling in Maluku. This film can be said to be unique, because it is a film produced by the Dutch who dared to expose the crimes of their country. In fact, if our history is written from a Nederlandocentric point of view, we will see that the Indonesians were evil for killing Dutch soldiers.

Therefore, this film was heavily criticized for being screened by the Dutch state and was proud of in the country because it emphasized that the Dutch colonized cruelly. From this film, we can learn vocabulary for learning Dutch.

  1. Earth of Man Movie

For those of you who like books by Pramoedya Ananta Toer, you must be familiar with the title of this film, because this film was adopted from his book. The film, directed by Hanung Bramantyo, tells the story of love combined with social and cultural life at that time.

The story is very interesting. This film is also suitable for those of you who like to learn Dutch.

  1. Movie Si Doel 2

The last one is the film Si Doel 2. This film is the writer’s favorite film. This film tells the story of a Betawi boy, Doel, who is often underestimated by those who are rich. But, having a love story with a woman of Dutch descent and her own niece. Followed by the meeting of Doel and Sarah in the Netherlands who already have a child named Abdoellah.

In this film there are several scenes that use the Dutch language. Although the use of the Dutch language is not as much as the films above, but this is very motivating because the film was shot in the Netherlands.

Those were 5 movie recommendations for those of you who are learning Dutch. Hopefully it can provide motivation, yes.

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