PUBGM Blackpink Collaboration Has Been Announced

Blackpink is a girl group made by YG Entertainment with a myriad of talents. In addition to music and fashion, this girl group also collaborates with PUBGM and has its own ID so gamers or fans can play together.

Moreover, their epic collaboration a few years ago was able to liven up the gaming scene with great fanfare. Now, Tencent and Krafton have again announced the PUBGM Blackpink collaboration, in which there are many costumes, skins, and others that you can collect. Curious about the PUBGM collaboration this time? Let’s discuss it together!

About PUBGM Blackpink Collaboration

This was announced directly through the official PUBGM Instagram tweet. The upload, which was rich in black and pink, was immediately flooded with enthusiastic comments from gamers and Blackpink fans themselves. Through this upload, PUBGM players assume that the PUBGM Blackpink collaboration will be released in the near future.

Pubgm Blackpink Collaboration

In fact, this epic collaboration is not the first time it has been held, considering that this girl group had previously collaborated on PUBGM season 14 with the theme song “Playing with Fire”. In addition, in September 2020, the PUBGM Blackpink collaboration was held again with the group’s iconic pink nuance.

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This time, considering that the group will be holding a new comeback entitled “Ready for Love”, Lisa and friends will come into the game with the coolest attributes that players can collect later. Seeing the signs of the return of the PUBGM x Blackpink collaboration, it seems that PUBGM fans are enthusiastic about this group’s return to the game. How’s it going, bro? Are you impatient with Blackpink’s return to PUBGM?

Battlefield Campaign Mode Finally Coming to Next Series

Nowadays, the internet is very easy to access, cheap, and faster than 5 or 10 years ago, which has also led to a lot of multiplayer games being born from both indie developers and triple A class.

However, it is undeniable that the story mode or commonly referred to as the campaign is actually still very welcome by many gamers around the world, because we can enjoy stories that we may never be able to meet in the real world.

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This is what is very unfortunate about the Battlefield 2042 game, where this game does not have a campaign mode and only presents a multiplayer mode. The good news? It looks like EA has repented and will present a campaign mode in the latest Battlefield series.

Battlefield Campaign Mode Finally Coming in Next Series
We obtained this information through the EA job vacancy website, which is currently looking for a Design Director for the next Battlefield game.

One thing that is very interesting is that EA wrote that this position will be responsible for managing the design team and compiling the design plan for the next Battlefield game campaign.

Later this position will also be responsible for designing missions, narratives, game mechanics and systems that can provide the best experience for gamers.

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Of course, this is good news for campaign mode lovers, because it will finally be back in the latest series. Although it has not been confirmed by EA and DICE directly that the latest series of this popular FPS game will present a campaign mode or not.

A rumor has emerged stating that the next Battlefield series will take place in the present, no longer in the future like the 2042 series which has failed to capture the hearts of gamers today. So, it is possible that the campaign mode that EA and DICE will make will be very relevant to us because it takes place in the present.

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