PUBG from Which Country? Here are the facts and answers


As a PUBG game user, have you ever thought about which country PUBG is from? Until now, PUBG has become a battle royale genre game with a fairly high popularity.

As is known, PUBG itself was developed by a game company from China, Tencent, PUBG itself has been recorded to have 100 million users all over the world.
In terms of the game system, the player or team that is able to survive until the end has the right to be the winner. To get to know more, Info Sport will reveal the origin of the PUBG game from which country.

Which Country’s PUBG Game Maker?

PUBG was first released on the Windows platform in March 2017, as part of the early access beta on Steam. Then, in December 2017, PUBG was officially released in full.

At the beginning of the development of the PUBG game, this game was actually developed in South Korea. The company behind this game is PUBG Studio, which became the initial developer of the PUBG game on the PC platform.

Uniquely, PUBG Studio was previously named Ginno Games, which was later acquired by a company called Bluehole (currently Krafton).

Brendan Greene, this Irish-born man became an influential figure behind the success of the PUBG game.
After watching a film called Battle Royale, he finally decided to develop this game to what it is now.

When developing this game, Greene will use various methods that he is good at. In fact, he uses a nickname called PlayerUnknown to be used as the name of his own game.

The Origins of PUBG Mobile

After being successful on the PC platform, the PUBG developers started thinking about developing the game so that it can be played on the mobile platform.

In the end, PUBG Corporation collaborated with Tencent Games to develop the PUBG game so that it could be played on the mobile platform.

Tencent Game, received a mandate as a developer and publisher of PUBG Mobile specifically in China.
In 2017, when PUBG expanded in China, PUBG was banned by the local government.
In the Asian market, PUBG Mobile is actually superior to the PC version of PUBG, or game consoles. This is because users in Asia, mostly use mobile devices.

Not only in China, PUBG also suffered a similar fate in India. However, this problem did not last long, and finally PUBG was again allowed in several countries that had banned PUBG, including China and India.

Not only developing games, the collaboration between the two companies has even resulted in the acquisition of a game studio. These studios include Riot Games, Lightspeed & Quantum Studio, Sharkmob, Morefun Studio, and others.

Although predicated as a game developer, Tencent Studio often injects capital into several well-known game development companies such as Dontnod, Supercell, Ubisoft, Netmarble, Epic Games, Activision, and so on.

That’s information about PUBG originating from South Korea, as well as information on the game’s journey to become popular as it is today.