Prey Film Review (2022) the prequel to the entire Predator series


This Prey film review contains a few leaks that hopefully won’t bother those of you who haven’t watched it.

For fans of the science fiction genre, you must be familiar with the Predator franchise, right? Yep, the film series that tells the story of extraterrestrials who want to be the best hunters of the universe is indeed very famous for the fun and horror of the story. Well, in 2022, we have a film that is a prequel to the previous Predator series, namely Prey.

Synopsis of the film Prey takes place in 1719 by focusing on Naru, a member of the Indian tribe who is a native of North America. Naru tries to break the tradition of his tribe by becoming the first female hunter. However, Naru actually discovers the fact that there are dangerous extraterrestrial beings who are hunting humans for trophies and threaten the safety of his tribe.

Well, before you watch the Prey movie on the Disney+ Hotstar streaming service.

Prey (2022) prequel Predator film review

The story of the best hunter who was quite slow at the start

Despite being the fifth film in the Predator series, Prey actually plays a role as the beginning or opening of all the conflicts that exist in the franchise. You see, this film is set in 1719, while a number of other Predator films are set in the modern era. So, those of you who have never watched any of the Predator series will still be able to understand and enjoy the Prey storyline.

However, according to KINCIR, the first part of this film has a fairly slow plot so that it can bore the audience. This is because the first part of the film really only focuses on Naru’s background as the main character who wants to be the best hunter. Meanwhile, Predator, which makes the story so suspenseful, actually only started to get really involved in the middle of the film.

However, you will be satisfied at the end of the film after watching Naru’s duel with the Predator. So, you really have to be patient in watching this film because the excitement only occurs in the middle to the end of the film.

The main character is too “immortal”

The main character of this film is Naru which involves actress Amber Midthunder as the actor. Naru is described as a girl who has less power than other male hunters in her tribe. However, Naru has a genius brain and always has a clever plan so that he becomes a strong asset when hunting for something.

Naru’s intelligence is also what makes him able to deal with Predators and survive from these extraterrestrials. However, according to KINCIR, Naru seems to be protected by plot armor as the main character which is too thick so that he seems immortal.

There are many moments in the film that should have killed Naru due to Predator’s actions. In fact, the hunter who was more experienced than Naru was killed easily at that moment by the Predator. This makes the Predator who is actually a terrible creature seem ordinary when dealing with Naru because we know what the final fate of the protagonist will be.

Traditional hunter vs advanced hunter

In accordance with the time setting, the weapons that Naru and his tribe members use are certainly not as sophisticated as in some other Predator films. Because, they only use handmade weapons with medium materials, such as bows and arrows, spears, and also axes. Meanwhile, the Predator still has hunting equipment and weapons that are sophisticated and very different from the times.

The use of traditional weapons against Predator with weapons that seem very sophisticated is certainly something unique and distinguishes Prey from other Predator films. The reaction of the human characters to see the Predator’s advanced technology is also quite interesting. So, it seems quite natural when they are just silent when they see the Predator’s technology in amazement.

Sadistic Predator that makes you satisfied

The Predator figure that is present in Prey has a form that is quite different from a number of previous Predator films. However, in terms of sadism, Predator in Prey is as brutal as in a number of previous films. Moreover, this film has an age rating for audiences of 21 years and over so that the brutality of the Predator is not “braised”.

As a result, you can see the sadistic action of the Predator in killing his bloody enemy and has a very gore nuance. In fact, even though Predator is the main villain in the film, the action of the monster in killing humans in the film is able to make us who watch it feel “satisfied” because its brutality is not half-hearted.

Although progressing slowly at the beginning, Prey is able to provide a satisfying viewing experience as a prequel to the Predator franchise. If you are interested, you can legally watch this film through the Disney+ Hotstar streaming service starting August 5, 2022.

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