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Paper Rex at VCT Champions 2022

Paper Rex at VCT Champions 2022

Valorant Champions Tour (VCT Champions 2022) is now live, and the event is taking place in Istanbul, Turkey, in front of a live audience. The event will run through September 18.

Sixteen of the best teams will be fighting it out this time around for the title of Champion. Along with big names in the game such as Team Liquid, Fnatic and OpTic Gaming joining the fight, many underdogs such as Leviatan and EDward Gaming who have outshined even the best of the best to reach this stage will be battling it out for the Champions trophy in VCT.

Paper Rex is one of the qualifying teams. One of the best teams from the Asia-Pacific region is all set and ready to join in on the action to fight on the international stage. After securing a second position in VCT 2022: Stage 2 Masters – Copenhagen, they entered themselves into the list of the sixteen best teams at Valorant Champions Tour 2022.

Their performance this time around has been strong right from the beginning of the year. After having several wins to their name, they are heading into the international stage headstrong to compete against the very best Valorant’s competitive scene has to offer.

Team analysis
Paper Rex is a Southeast Asian esports organization based in Singapore. It was founded in January 2020. A team new to the esports scene, has proven time and again that they are not to be underestimated. They quickly rose to the top of their game and established themselves as one of the best teams from their region.

Their current roster includes:

The team known for their aggressive plays, Paper Rex have been dominating the Valorant scene in the APAC region recently with many wins to their name. There is no stopping Paper Rex this time around and they seem very well prepared and ready to take on the fight against the best names in the international scene.

mindfreak is an Indonesian player who currently plays for Paper Rex. He is a former CS: GO player as well and he carries forward his experience in the professional scene to Valorant.

mindfreak is seen in the Controller role in the team. His most played agents include Viper, Astra and Brimstone. With the best clutch rating in the team, mindfreak ensures that his team gets the win.

He has clutched one-out-of-four times in all the clutch scenarios. The most consistent player in the team, mindfreak is considered one of the best Controllers in the world.

f0rsakeN is a young Indonesian player who currently plays for Paper Rex. He is also a CS: GO player. f0rsakeN is aggressive and when he starts popping off, he simply cannot be stopped. Often seen on the Duelist role playing Neon, Jett and Yoru, he creates havoc on the enemies’ site.

His witty plays with Yoru and the sheer aggressiveness that he displays with Jett may make him a force to reckon with. He is also seen on Chamber and does justice to the Agent with his sharp and perfect aim.

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