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One Piece Reveals An Sudden Traitor In The World Authorities

One Piece Reveals An Sudden Traitor In The World Authorities

An outdated villain has returned in One Piece, however this time Sentomaru is not on the World Authorities’s facet. Regardless of solely making a handful of appearances within the collection, Sentomaru is among the hardest opponents that the Straw Hat Pirates ever fought. Nonetheless, it appears that evidently his allegiances have shifted, and he’s not an enemy of Luffy and his crew.

Sentomaru made his debut in the course of the Sabaody Archipelago Arc because the commander of the Marines’ Particular Science Group (SSG). He tried to seize the Straw Hat Pirates alongside admiral Kizaru (whom he calls ‘uncle’), main a squad of Pacifista, the harmful peace-keeping cyborgs created by the World Authorities utilizing the physique of Bartholomew Kuma. Sentomaru then appeared once more in the course of the Summit Warfare and, lastly, when the Straw Hats briefly returned to Sabaody after the two-year time skip. This second time, he was unable to battle in opposition to Luffy and his pals however witnessed their unimaginable development and newfound power, earlier than they departed for the New World.

Sentomaru was launched as Dr. Vegapunk’s bodyguard however this occurred fourteen years earlier than the genius scientist made his precise debut within the manga. Because of this, their relationship remains to be not clear, apart from the truth that they each belong to the Marines‘ SSG. Nonetheless, Vegapunk has not too long ago had a fallout with the World Authorities resulting from his forbidden analysis into the historical past of the Nice Kingdom. The assassins of CP0 have been dispatched to Vegapunk’s lab on Egghead Island to eliminate him. In chapter #1068 of One Piece, after the CP0 assault begins, Vegapunk orders the mobilization of his new cyborgs, the Seraphim Pacifista, and places Sentomaru in control of them, which proves that the bodyguard is finally loyal to Vegapunk and to not the Marines or the federal government.

Sentomaru’s Return Means That The Straw Hats Have Gained A New, Highly effective Ally

The point out that Sentomaru will fight on Vegapunk’s facet is a little bit stunning, as he was promoted to fully-fledged Marine Officer after the time skip. He was very loyal to the Marines and took his officer place very critically, main the Pacifista cyborgs into battle. Nonetheless, the truth that he was promoted to officer later may imply that Sentomaru was not initially a Marine, so his first allegiance and loyalty go to Vegapunk. No matter that, Sentomaru is an important character within the collection, as a result of, together with Kizaru, he was the primary enemy that the Straw Hats couldn’t compete with. The entire Sabaody Arc was meant to show the Straw Hats in regards to the energy hole between the primary and the second half of the Grand Line. As an emblem of that stunning second, Sentomaru left an enormous impression on the followers.

It will likely be very fascinating to study the reality about Sentomaru and Vegapunk’s relationship. Contemplating that the scientist is becoming a member of the Straw Hats to flee from the World Authorities, if Sentomaru joins too, the crew will acquire one other very highly effective member, one thing that they’ll absolutely want within the laborious battles that they’ll face within the last, thrilling a part of One Piece.

One Piece: Luffy’s Most Hyped Rematch Will Be An Absolute Bloodbath

One of the crucial hyped rematches in One Piece will likely be a one-sided bloodbath. Luffy is about to collide with Rob Lucci, however the Straw Hat captain will doubtless wipe the ground with the enemy that gave him a lot hassle previously.

Rob Lucci is a member of the top-secret group referred to as CP0, which incorporates solely the deadliest assassins and secret brokers working for the World Authorities. He was the principle antagonist of the Enies Foyer Arc, when Nico Robin was kidnapped and the Straw Hats rushed to her rescue. The ultimate battle in opposition to Lucci pushed Luffy to his limits like no different opponent had finished earlier than, forcing him to unleash a brand new approach, Gear Third, to beat the highly effective authorities agent. A very long time has handed since then, and Luffy is now one of many strongest pirates on the planet, who defeated even the unbeatable Yonko, Kaido of the Beasts. Nonetheless, this isn’t the rationale why Luffy’s upcoming rematch with Lucci will likely be a one-sided massacre.

The Straw Hat Pirates have not too long ago arrived at Egghead Island, the laboratory of the famed genius Dr. Vegapunk. After years of working for the World Authorities, Vegapunk has outlived his usefulness, and CP0 has been dispatched to kill him. In response to a spoilers thread on Reddit, in chapter #1068 of One Piece, Lucci, Kaku, and Stussy infiltrate Egghead together with their troopers. There, they’re confronted by considered one of Vegapunk’s clones, Atlas, who’s nonetheless simply dispatched by Lucci with a strong blow. At that second, Luffy arrives on the scene and sees Lucci standing over Atlas’ destroyed physique.

Lucci Made A Enormous Mistake In Hurting Atlas

What seals Lucci’s destiny just isn’t the truth that Luffy has grow to be unbelievably stronger since their final assembly, however one other apparently trivial element. In a earlier chapter, Atlas greeted Luffy and his group after they arrived at Egghead, and she or he gave him loads of meals. The Straw Hat captain cares so much about meals, and he’s particularly protecting over individuals who feed him. One of many fundamental explanation why Luffy challenged Kaido in Wano was that the folks of the nation have been ravenous, together with O-Tama, a little bit woman who shared what little meals she had with Luffy. Seeing Atlas injured will set off Luffy’s rage far more than any reminiscence he might have about Lucci, and the CP0 agent must face the total wrath of a Yonko, one thing that even Marine Admirals are cautious of doing.

Followers of One Piece are totally anticipating to see Luffy rapidly obliterating Lucci within the subsequent chapter. Generally, in manga and anime, outdated enemies come again to showcase the expansion of the protagonist, and this could possibly be a kind of events. Nonetheless, One Piece isn’t that predictable, which signifies that there may nonetheless be some surprising shock in Luffy and Lucci’s much-hyped rematch.

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