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One Piece: Respected by the Gorosei, Shanks Is a Heavenly Dragon?

One Piece: Respected by the Gorosei, Shanks Is a Heavenly Dragon?

For a long time, fans have been curious about the figure of one of the Yonko in the One Piece story, Shanks the Red Hair. Shanks is one of the mysterious characters in the One Piece series. Like several other characters, Eiichiro Oda still keeps information about one of the Yonko secret. In fact, Shanks is one of the characters that appears at the beginning of the series.

So far, Shanks’ figure has only appeared a few times. He only appears in a few panels in an epic situation. For example, when he first saved Luffy. Or when Shanks came to Marineford and stopped the war. The most recent is how he stopped admiral Aramaki in Wano.

Oda Sensei himself very rarely peels or mentions Shanks’ past. He prefers to present information about his strength, such as the power of the powerful Haki. In addition, one thing that makes Shanks “different” is how people treat Shanks. Everyone seemed to respect or listen to what Shanks had to say.

This also raises a big question among fans, who exactly is Shanks? It seemed, his reputation as a Yonko would not be enough to be able to get that much respect. This also led to a lot of speculation among fans, one of which they mentioned that Shanks might be a descendant of the sky dragons.

Is it true that Shanks is descended from the Heavenly Dragon?

The big question then is whether Shanks is really a descendant of the sky dragon? If you look at how people treat him, speculation is not something impossible. On the other hand, geeks must have seen how the Gorosei behaved during the Reverie arc. The Five Star Elders are one of the supreme rulers of the World Government.

How then does he think of Shanks’ figure as a guest, we can assume that he is not an ordinary person. Or at least the Gorosei knew Shanks’ reputation. And it seems that his speculations are indeed proven as revealed some time ago. Eiichiro Oda finally presents various other information about the figure of Shanks in the booklet “One Piece 4 Billion.”

This booklet was also deliberately presented by Oda to welcome the One Piece Film: Red film. In addition, this booklet also contains important information about Shanks and Uta. We also get a little picture of Shanks’ past. One of the most interesting and important pieces of information about Shanks’ past is that according to the Gorosei, he comes from a family called “Fearland” or “Figarland.”

Unfortunately, the booklet itself does not provide detailed information about the Shanks family. We don’t know where they came from or who they really are, and why then the Gorosei got to know about the family. However, how did the Gorosei find out about the origins of Shanks and the Fearland/Figarland family, meaning that this family might not be an ordinary family.

One of the strongest possibilities is that the Fearland/Figarland family was one of the 20 kingdoms that joined forces to defeat the Ancient Kingdom. Meaning, they were probably one of the founders of the World Government. The family may also have been in Mary Geoise for a while. However, they might decide to get out of there just like the Donquixotes and Nefertari did.

Still Be the Descendant of the Heavenly Dragon?

With no information about Shanks or his family, it is very difficult to draw a conclusion whether Shanks is still part of the sky dragon clan. However, seeing how the Gorosei, Sengoku, and the others behaved it was likely that the Fearland family was still part of the sky dragon clan. Or another scenario was that even though they were no longer part of the sky dragon clan, there was some kind of contribution or great debt of gratitude towards the Fearland family.

Thus their family continues to be respected, either by the Gorosei or many related to the World Government. However, there is also another possibility. Considering how the Gorosei are still being nice to Shanks it could be because the Fearland family is still partly in Mary Geoise. Only Shanks then decided to go out and become a pirate.

Regarding the Past?

Another interesting scenario is that the Gorosei know the story of Shanks’ past. In the booklet it is explained that when he was one year old he was kidnapped and disappeared, until Rayleigh and Roger found him. In this case, the Gorosei know why Shanks became a pirate, as well as his past. So, they might still see Shanks as part of the Fearland family.

The Gorosei probably understood or understood the situation of Shanks being raised by Roger. So, he also has a mindset and behavior like a pirate. They knew all the details, which the Gorosei probably gave Shanks an “exception”. So, even though the Gorosei know that Shanks is a pirate, he still respects his lineage.

So, based on the explanation above, the information about the Fearland family that we can know is that they are not an ordinary family. And why the Gorosei then respect Shanks probably has something to do with his family. This is based on clues as to how the Gorosei know and know the family. That is, they are not a random family.

It’s possible that the Fearland family is one of the 20 royal families that make up the World Government, which means they are the sky dragon clan. If this is true, then the assumption is that Shanks is also a descendant of the sky dragons. However, everything still needs further confirmation from Oda. Let’s just wait for the continuation of the story, geeks!