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One Piece Red: Voiced by Luffy and Shanks Finally Reunite After 23 Years ‘Separate’

One Piece Red film finally reunites Luffy’s voice actor, Mayumi Tanaka with Shanks’ voice actor, Shuichi Ikeda. The reunion of the voice actors of Luffy and Shanks in the One Piece Red film is of course also eagerly awaited by fans.

One Piece Red finally reunites the voice actors of Luffy and Shanks after not being on the same project for 23 years. The last time they worked together was in the anime & manga Episode 4 where Shanks gave Luffy his iconic straw hat.

This means that there are already over 1,000 manga chapters without Shanks and Luffy meeting. As is known, the One Piece Red film will premiere in Japan on August 6. This film has been eagerly awaited by fans where it will tell the story of Shanks and his daughter, Uta.

Told, Uta is the son of Shanks and had lived in Foosha Village, where Luffy was. The producer team has released the second trailer of the latest One Piece film which reveals more about Uta and Shanks.

In the trailer, Uta is abandoned by Shanks in Foosha Village. From a distance seen the flames in Foosha Village, Shanks left Uta there. It is not known why Shanks left Uta while he himself went out to sea with a great treasure.

Some fans speculate that Shanks left Uta for his own good and safety. If Uta is found out by Shanks’ son, then the Marines will target him and his daughter will be in danger.

Then the next trailer shows the beauty of Elegia Island, the place where Uta will hold his first concert. There all the pirates gathered, including the Straw Hat Pirates. In particular, Usopp and Chopper are ardent fans of Uta.

Silently, the Navy and the World Government are watching the event. Perhaps they were also surprised that Uta was the daughter of Shanks.

One Piece Red Officially Released on August 6, 2022 in this Country!

One Piece: Red is an anime movie that is eagerly awaited by fans around the world. Crunchyroll and Toei Animation teamed up to release One Piece: Red, which will be released this year.

Based on the latest information, One Piece: Red will be officially released on August 6, 2022 in Japanese theaters. In other countries, One Piece: Red is confirmed to premiere on August 10 in France, and August 19 in Taiwan. For Indonesia to follow.

One Piece: Red is the fifteenth film in the Shonen franchise, which will feature the mysterious character, Shanks. A new poster has also been released, drawn by Eiichiro Oda, to welcome One Piece: Red to theaters worldwide.

Fans in Japan will be able to preview Shanks’ son, Uta, on August 6.

Toei Animation’s president and CEO, Masayuki Endo, said One Piece: Red will feature thrilling adventures.

“We are excited to bring One Piece Film Red to theaters around the world this fall, which actually coincides with the 23rd anniversary of the One Piece franchise,” he said, quoted by from Comic Book.

“This new film from creator Eiichiro Oda will truly captivate fans in this thrilling new adventure with the Straw Hats featuring the debut of Uta – a mysterious new character in the world of One Piece.”

Senior Vice President of Global Trade for Crunchyroll, Mitchel Berger, expressed his pleasure to participate in the release of One Piece: Red.

One Piece: Red will reveal the figure of Shanks’ mysterious daughter, Uta. He is the most beloved singer in the One Piece world with his amazing voice, which hides his identity.

For the first time, Uta will reveal his true identity to the world in person.

In this magnificent event, pirates including the Straw Hats and the Marines will also witness Uta’s appearance.

Watch One Piece: Red which will be released worldwide in the near future!


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