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One Piece Comic Spoiler 1058, Straw Hat Crew’s New Bounty Value

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One Piece 1058 spoilers will provide an outline of the continuation of the Straw Hat Pirates’ adventures. Check out the One Piece 1058 spoiler as well as the release schedule and reading link below. At the end of chapter 1057, it was told that Oda Sensei officially closed the Wano Country arc. Momonosuke, Kinemon, and Yamato bid farewell to Luffy and the Straw Hat crew.

Luffy then gave his group’s flag and asked to be installed in the Wano area. This flag was accepted by Momonosuke. Then Momonosuke considered where he would place the flag Luffy gave him.

One Piece 1058 Spoiler

The latest One Piece 1058 spoiler states that the overall bounty value of the Straw Hat crew will exceed Gol D. Roger. In addition there are various things that will deceive the readers.

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Launching HitLava, Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates resumed their adventure and left Wano. However, on the other hand Luffy made Wano his territory.

What was quite surprising was that Yamato decided not to join Luffy. Although at the end of chapter 1057 Yamato looks very determined to join the Straw Hat Pirates. He prefers to be in Wano.

Another interesting thing that appears in One Piece 1058 is the new bounty value of the Straw Hat Pirates. All the Straw Hat Pirates’ crew has increased significantly even if combined it will exceed the highest bounty value owned by Gol D Roger.

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In addition, in One Piece 1058 fans will also know Mihawk and Buggy’s bounties after being a mystery for 22 years. Even more surprising is that Buggy is the character with the biggest bounty jump.

Not only about the latest bounty for the Straw Hat Pirates, the One Piece 1058 spoiler also reveals the truth of the person behind the formation of the Cross Guild organization.

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The Cross Guild organization was founded by Crocodile, not Buggy. Mistakes about who is the leader of the Cross Guild stems from a misunderstanding of the marines.

The Marines see a poster with a photo of Buggy in the center as if he were a leader. So they assumed Buggy was the leader of the Cross Guild organization.