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Nourishing the Balance of the Universe

Nourishing the Balance of the Universe

On the one hand, who’re we microscopic beings to imagine we’re in a position to have any impression the least bit on one factor as enormous and incomprehensible as a result of the Universe-in which we’re so minuscule as to be inconsequential, and may be sloughed off the face of the earth as merely as a snake would possibly shed it pores and pores and skin?

Nevertheless, as options of the Infinite Ineffable Intelligence, our evolutionary future lies in recognizing our Oneness: understanding that there is no ‘totally different’ and that as such, the least bit we do to or for yet one more we’re solely doing to or for our private selves.

Then, within the an identical methodology that every certainly one of Nature fulfills its function fully – predator and prey sustaining steadiness of their populations; bees and birds pollinating and propagating; fruits and flowers reproducing and nourishing; flood and drought and fireside biking by the use of the seasons-so too mankind would possibly fulfill its dharma. And whereas one could argue that Dharma can’t help nonetheless be fulfilled, on this second of historic previous the impetus and must bigger harmony cannot be denied.

The enterprise is clear-there is no longer time for self-indulgence. Determining that harmony cannot be imposed from with out, nonetheless ought to manifest from inside, it then falls to each one among us to delicate up her specific particular person cell inside the physique of humanity by cultivating Consciousness and embodying Love. For the entire striving in the direction of sustainability and equality, nonetheless successfully motivated or intentioned, can’t succeed so long as greed is the dominant stress on the planet. And greed will not be overcome until the understanding of Oneness reaches important mass.

This, then, is our value: to understand and encourage the necessity of shedding the mistaken identities which have enabled the powers-that-be to divide and conquer; and to foster the conclusion that the struggling of any is the struggling of all; and to create a world movement and proclaim our Oneness around the globe.

We are going to then nourish the Steadiness of the Universe by establishing Harmony on our planet-a harmony that solely comes from the recognition that ‘We’re One and there may be Ample.’