Niantic Games Cancels Several Game Projects Due to Financial Crisis

Developer Niantic Games is known for his game, Pokémon Go, which has been phenomenal and worldwide since 2016. The success of this game has brought many benefits to the developer.

However, recently the situation has started to change. It was reported that they had to cancel four game projects due to the financial crisis Niantic Games was facing.

Niantic Games Financial Crisis Causes Layoffs

Recently, Niantic Games has been plagued by several issues such as insufficient revenue, lack of realization of some game projects, and many more. Reports from Bloomberg reveal a lot of information regarding the condition of this developer company.

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Niantic’s CEO, John Hawke, said the company had laid off about 8% of its employees. Which amounted to around 80 – 90 workers were laid off to combat the financial crisis that was being faced by the company.

Not only that, 4 game titles that are currently running must also become victims. Transformers: Heavy Metal is also on the list of canceled projects. In addition, there is also Sleep No More, Punchdrunka, Blue Sky, and Snowball.

Niantic’s Crisis Also Affects Other Games

The news about the problems that are being faced by Niantic of course also has an impact on the games that are already running. While Pokémon Go can be said to be a huge success, sadly, that success has not been shared by other Niantic games.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite started off pretty well. However, he must also become a victim of the crisis that is being faced by Niantic. So, this game had to be closed. Another title that was also affected was Pikmin Bloom.

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Despite being under pressure and being put through various tests, Niantic Games is still holding a number of projects. They hope one of them will have the same success as Pokémon Go. The project that is still in hand is the NBA All-World which is officially licensed by the NBA. So, it can be said to be guardian angels from this developer.

Mary DeMarle, Guardians of the Galaxy Story Writer Has Officially Joined BioWare

The game writer Guardians of the Galaxy has officially joined BioWare after almost 15 years working at Eidos Montreal. How many of you have played the game Guardians Of The Galaxy? Give your opinion about the story in the game.

The author himself liked the story in the GOTG game after playing it through PC Game Pass, where the story itself is very interesting because it takes the theme of a cult or a cult, and also all the characters are built very well, starting from their background before entering the GOTG team, interacting with each other. , or jokes that are thrown according to their personality.

Unfortunately, for those of you who might want to feel the same way for the GOTG 2 game (if any), then it looks like you have to be a little disappointed because the story writer, Mary DeMarle, has officially joined BioWare and left Eidos Montreal. We obtained this information through his LinkedIn profile, which has changed position from Narrative Director for Eidos Montreal, to now Narrative Director for EA/BioWare.

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It is not yet known what game project at BioWare will be in the future, but there is a possibility that Mary DeMarle will participate in Mass Effect 4 and Dragon Age Dreadwolf which is currently being developed.

In short, Mary is a Narrative Designer who has experience and a high enough experience in making stories in a game. Mary herself is a graduate of Syracuse University in the fields of Television, Radio, and Film Production, so it can be said that she is someone who fits in an important part of a game. Before anchoring to EA/BioWare, she had participated in making the game HOMEWORLD 2 in 2013 as a freelance Game Writer.

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After that, Mary was also recruited by Ubisoft as Narrative Game Designer from 2005 – 2007. Previously, in 2001 Mary was still a freelancer for the making of the game MYST IV: REVELATION as a story writer, dialogue, and journal in the game.

After that, Mary finally found the most suitable studio for her, namely Eidos Montreal, which at that time was still held by Square Enix. This is where Mary is the brain behind the stories in Deus Ex games such as Mankind Divided, Human Revolution, and even the mobile versions, namely Deus Ex: Go and Deus Ex: The Fall. Mary’s last project at Eidos Montreal was Guardians Of The Galaxy which received an award at The Game Award 2021 as Best Narrative Game.

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