NFT DracooMaster Game Presents World-Level Esports Tournament with a Total Prize of 7 Billion

As a Blockchain-based Trading Card Game, DracooMaster is at the forefront of this lineup. With attractive Gameplay offered to players, making DracooMaster Blockchain-based Game the most attractive in the market.

Now, to take players to a more competitive level, DracooMaster is presenting a world-class Esports tournament called Dracoo Champion Series 2022.

The World’s Prestigious University Has Participated in the 2022 Dracoo Champion Series

According to reports, several prestigious universities in Europe, America, Oceania, and Southeast Asia have taken part and are ready to compete in this tournament.

On the DracooMaster official website, there are already two categories that you can enter in this Tournament. There are individual Tournaments, and with teams. Registration will last until October 2022, and registration to compete with the team is now open.

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Based on data from DracooMaster, it has been confirmed that esports organizations from some of the most famous universities in the world, such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, have registered to take part in the tournament.

How DracooMaster Begins To Be One Of The Most Successful GameFi In A Sea Of Play-To-Earn-Based Games

As a GameFi project in this latest era, DracooMaster has managed to become one of the survivors among the sea of ​​card-based games. Many traditional GameFi Projects claim that they are “Play-To-Earn” Games (play to earn). But, in fact GameFi other than DracooMaster presents unattractive gameplay. The players can indeed earn from the GameFi, but do not get a pleasant playing experience.

Unlike DracooMaster. This GameFi pays attention to many aspects of the game for its players. With a world setting that is designed in such a way, a very interesting story, tense battles, many types of interesting cards, and very eye-catching Skill effects, this game has captivated the world when it was first released.

One of the biggest factors for DracooMaster’s success has not been the rise of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry. Through NFT and decentralization, all data in the game can be owned by the players.

Especially when the DracooMaster Token is presented. Players and developers of this Game are able to share the same interest in NFT and exciting Games. With the increase in the Cryptocurrency market, people are starting to see opportunities in Play-To-Earn Games.

The increasing popularity of DracooMaster is not an accident. Instead, they managed to take a chance in the midst of the high wave of world cryptocurrencies and the development of a GameFi project that was truly aimed at its users.

With this popularity, it’s not surprising that after DracooMaster announced the World Tournament on Twitter, many Esports organizations from well-known Universities around the world immediately registered in this Tournament.

In fact, many KOL Esports have started retweeting and commenting on this Tournament. In the UK, Austria, Vietnam and even Indonesia, warm-up contests have been organized to show support for this Tournament.

Not only from that country, the most famous universities in London, namely Oxford, and Cambridge also present events for this tournament.

Format and How to Register Dracoo Champion Series 2022

Based on official information from DracooMaster, this Tournament uses the Professional Esports format and is very mature. The contestants are required to pass 4 rounds in order to advance to the Final, then at the Final will be determined who the winner will be.

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One of the most thrilling things about this Tournament is the fantastic prizes. In fact, it’s so fantastic, you can also get prizes if you manage to enter the top 64.

Prizes will be divided, with a total prize of 500,000 Dollars or the equivalent of 7 Billion Rupiah, along with a myriad of rare designer commodities from DracooMaster.

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Don’t be surprised if someone comments on Twitter that “This will definitely be one of the most stressful esports in 2022”. Being the first Esports Tournament that focuses on Metaverse-based Games, and offers fantastic prizes, it’s no wonder that DracooMaster gets a lot of world attention, right?

The Dracoo Champion Series 2022 Mascot from the World’s Best Designers

One more thing that is interesting about this Tournament is the mascot. This mascot was designed by Ryo Taniguchi, one of the famous designers and the maker of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games mascot.

This very intentional collaboration is certainly one of the signs that DracooMaster has really put in a lot of hard work for this Tournament.

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