NetEase Releases New 3 Character Trailer in Mission Zero

Mission Zero is the newest 2 Vs 4 Stealth Action Game made by NetEase. This game is intended for Mobile and PC Platforms and will be tested on 8 July 2022 in Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Well, recently, NetEase is back with further news from Game Mission Zero. Not only showing Gameplay, NetEase also released the latest 3 character trailer in Mission Zero along with its Gameplay and very interesting character stories.

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In Mission Zero, there are 2 factions, namely Sirius and Mobius. From the Mobius faction, there are 8 characters with their own unique powers. However, NetEase has just leaked 3 characters from this faction, namely Aya, Gabriel, and Vanessa.

Aya and Gabriel are attack-type characters with strong capture abilities, while Vanessa is a strategy-type character, focused on disguises.

Aya: The Rampage Girl

As a naughty teenager with a cute face, Aya is one of the favorite characters among the players in Mission Zero. Aya seems to really like being in the spotlight, and swings her Baseball bat to scare the enemy.

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Aya was born with superior genes, allowing her to stand the test of joining the notoriously tough Mobius faction. Rumor has it that Aya has an older sister. This is also what made him want to join the Mobius faction.

Aya’s Skill in Mission Zero

Passive Skill – Time Out: Aya’s attack causes a Knock Back effect by swinging her attack backwards.
Skill 1 – Meteorite Strike : Aya dashes forward and lands a powerful punch towards the first enemy in front of her. Deals massive damage and knockback effect.
Skill 2 – Harsh Blow : Aya releases her power to briefly increase her attack range and Knock Back effect, dealing a heavy blow that slows and knocks Sirius down, while stunning Sirius if they hit a wall.

Gabriel: The Gladiator of Hook

Gabriel was born in an underground city, which prompted him to be a cunning person. Behind his brusque face, lies a man with unique traits, and everything Gabriel can get at hand. But, who would have thought that such a terrifying man couldn’t sleep without his little Unicorn doll?!

Gabriel’s Skill in Mission Zero

Passive Skill – Last Regret: Gabriel will reduce the Cooldown of his Skill when he successfully launches towards Sirius. When he manages to take down Sirius while fishing his passive, all of Gabriel’s Cooldown Skills will be reset.

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Skill 1 – Loco Hook: Gabriel launches a Hook, causes a stun effect, and pulls back Sirius he attacks.
Skill 2 – Warrior Spirit: Casting a shield, Gabriel will block and gain immunity for some time. If he manages to block the attack, the enemy’s Skill will be canceled and Gabriel will gain additional speed.

Vanessa: The Pale Rose

As the manager of Robot Maid, Vanessa does not accept the presence of dirt around her. In his eyes, the Sirius members of the underground city were disgusting bacteria that could not be tolerated.

“We’d better clean up Sirius right away!”

Vanessa’s Skills in Mission Zero

Passive Skill – Harmonic Transfer: Vanessa gains additional speed when moving towards the enemy.
Skill 1 – Homophonics: Vanessa will connect to her surrounding friends, causing a slow effect to Sirius who manages to attack her. Vanessa’s Passive Skill will also increase when activating this Skill, making teammates get additional speed as well.

Skill 2 – Leap Flection: When Homophonic Skill is active, Vanessa can jump at her friend, causing a shock effect and slowing down the enemy. When Vanessa is not connected to anyone, she can teleport friends to her.

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