YOU’RE KILLING ME (2023) Horror Thriller reviews

YOU’RE KILLING ME (2023) Horror Thriller reviews

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“One of you knows something”
You kill me is a 2023 American horror-thriller in which a teenage girl ends up fighting for her life at a bizarre party.

Directed by Beth Hanna and Jerren Lauder from a screenplay co-written by Walker Hare and Brad Martocello.

The Iris Indie International production stars McKaley Miller, Brice Anthony Heller, Keyara Milliner, Dermont Mulroney and Anne Heche.

Plot Synopsis:
Eden (McKaley Miller) goes to a coveted heaven and hell-themed party, hoping to get a letter of recommendation for an elite college from her classmate’s wealthy parents. . However, the party quickly turns into a fight for his life…


“Overall, it’s a great horror experience with a solid premise. The somewhat boring first act and boring third act are largely offset by a solid second act. As far as 2023 movies go , this one will fall towards the middle of the pack as a forgettable thriller.3 out of 5, Disappointment Media

“Almost every other film today tries to be more than what it is. They feel compelled to harbor an underlying conceit or social commentary, which doesn’t always work. You kill me never tries to and focuses singularly on crafting a tense story where the possibilities of how it will turn out are many. Raised on the movies

“While all of this and the few new twists that follow are fairly predictable, the filmmakers’ focus on the presumed power and occasional cruelty of its antagonists gives the material some thematic weight and a decent amount of suspense, as well as terror in a sequence of total helplessness. The combination makes You kill me little more than a well-designed game. 3 of 4, Mark Reviews Movies

You kill me is only 94 minutes long and should have been 10-15 minutes longer as there were a few scenes that gave a slightly empty feel. Moreover, the end leaves some questions about the future of Eden and Zara. Overall, You kill me is a strong thriller with a talented cast. pop-culture

“Those who want a decent horror movie with a bit of teenage chatter won’t go wrong by adding You kill me to their watch list over the next few days or weeks. You won’t be disappointed, but you won’t be rushing to buy it on Blu-ray either. Like I said, decent. What movie

“What a great directorial debut from Beth Hanna. It’s pretty good, and I really don’t know why it gets such low ratings. The movie had so much suspense, it was so good. A movie should make you really nervous about what’s next and I found this doing this Wyatt’s Takes


In the USA, You kill me was released theatrically and on VOD by Quiver Distribution on April 7, 2023.

Technical specifications:
1 hour 34 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.39:1

Cast and characters:
Anne Heche… Astrid Schroder
Dermot Mulroney … Congressman Schroder
McKaley Miller … Eden
Brice Anthony Heller … Schroder
Wil Deusner… Gooch
Keyara Milliner … Zara
Morgane Van Peebles … Kendra
Jayson Warner Smith … Joel Murphy
Hannah Celeste … Ask
Jordan Blair Mangold Brown … Teacher
Helene Henry … Harper
Nicholas Koenig … Devil Brother
Nicholas Ryan … Detective Mitchell
Melissa Bidgoli … Reporter Gonzalez
Levi Burdick … Mr. Brown
Jenna Gilmer… Posh Girl
Kalli Therinae … Melissa Brown

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