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The end is nigh for the wild and gripping journey of Yellowstone, leaving fans mourning the loss of the biggest ranch in the United States. Sadly, if the decision rested in Piper Perabo‘s hands, the drama series would not see its conclusion anytime soon, but she trusts Matthew McConaughey to bring justice to the Duttons.

On May 5, Yellowstone fans were left heartbroken when news broke that the beloved series would bid farewell after five seasons. As the final episodes draw near, the talented cast found themselves mourning the loss of the iconic Dutton farm, their on-screen home for half a decade and the latest voice to join the chorus is none other than Piper Perabo, the actress who brought Summer to life.

The actress confessed to ET that the upcoming spinoff led by the Oscar-winning actor “could be good in the Yellowstone world,” even if it means the original installment will end its reign against her will. Still, she lovingly left a piece of advice for the actor.

“He lives in Texas, he understands the cowboy lifestyle. This is what I gotta say, he better be a good rider because Taylor Sheridan is a great cowboy. But if you don’t know how to ride, I don’t know if cowboy schools [are] gonna get you up to Yellowstone level. You better come in with some experience.”

Aside from the already existing spinoffs, a new and untitled series starring McConaughey is slated to be released at the end of the year, right after the original installment airs its final episodes. With already three spin-offs under their belt – 1883, 1923, and 6666 – it is safe to say that fans will surely keep being fed plenty of Dutton content, even after the main show airs its last bow.

Yellowstone returns in November on Paramount for its final episodes.


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