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It’s ironic that Harrison Ford has played two of the most iconic characters in the history of cinema, and yet absolutely despises being asked hypothetical or lore-related questions relating to either of them.

Just yesterday, the silver screen legend was asked who would come out on top in a fight between Indiana Jones and Han Solo, to which he responded, “Me, asshole! I don’t want to f*cking make sh*t up like that. I mean, what are you asking me that crap for?” His reaction to Star Wars inquiries has long since become the stuff of legend, too, which makes his mere involvement in the press tour for next year’s Captain America: New World Order the best thing about the movie already.

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After all, this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe we’re talking about, a franchise that’s spawned more rumor-mongering and theorizing than any other in history, while Ford is stepping into the shoes of a character played by the late William Hurt who debuted in The Incredible Hulk, returned in Captain America: Civil War, facilitated the Sokovia Accords, and in the comic books turns into Red Hulk.

Variations on all of the above are going to be put to Ford at one stage or another when he hits the press trail in support of his MCU debut, and you can guarantee a brand new batch of memes will be arriving on a daily basis. He’s not interested in talking about mythology, lore, and what ifs, but when he board the biggest game in town in becomes part of the deal. For what it’s worth, we can’t wait to see how he reacts.


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