Where to watch Run Rabbit Run streaming online in the US

Where to watch Run Rabbit Run streaming online in the US

Sarah Snook is a world away from Shiv in her latest film Running Rabbit Runningwhich is now available to watch on Netflix.

Snook plays Sarah (not a meta version of herself), a fertility doctor whose daughter Mia (Lily LaTorre) starts acting strangely, claiming she’s actually Sarah’s sister Alice (Sunny Whelan ), who disappeared at the age of seven.

Nothing Sarah does seems to get Mia out of it, even taking her to see her grandmother Joan (Greta Scacchi) for the first time. Joan doesn’t help matters by thinking Mia is Alice because of her dementia.

But shit really hits the fan when Sarah takes Mia to her childhood home, leading to a devastating revelation and a disturbingly ambiguous finale. So if you’re unsure what really happened to Mia and Alice, we’re here to help.

Major spoilers ahead as we dive into the end of Running Rabbit Running to (try to) explain everything.

When they arrive at Sarah’s childhood home, Mia continues to act strangely, insisting that she sleep in Alice’s room because “it’s my room”. When Sarah tells Mia about Alice, Mia responds, “I’m back, I’m your sister.”

According to Sarah, she fought a lot with her sister, who loved animals and brought in strays to take care of them. Mia’s odd behavior began when a mysterious bunny appeared in their house that Mia insisted she keep, suggesting she might have a bit of Alice in her.

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Sarah says that Alice liked to play hide and seek, which results in a drastic change in Mia when she replies, “I don’t like hide and seek, you’re not looking for me. You do not love me. You make me hide and hide and hide. You make me hide all day. You don’t want to find me. You lock me up. I hate you.

Late at night, as she did earlier in the film, Sarah sees Mia’s head bleeding and attempts to cut her hair to see where the wound is. Mia retaliates and this leads to Sarah unintentionally cutting off Mia’s arms, and when she looks back at Mia’s head, the bleeding isn’t there.

Sarah keeps imagining things and when she’s in the barn behind the house, she hears a knock coming from behind a locked door. Alice jumps up and begins attacking Sarah, before Sarah hits Alice in the head with an old rabbit trap, and Alice disappears.

Mia watches all of this unfold and heads back into the house, with Sarah chasing after her. Sarah knocks herself out trying to get into Alice’s room, and in flashback we see what really happened to Alice.

Sarah hit Alice in the head with the Rabbit Trap, resulting in the bleeding we saw Sarah imagine on Mia’s head. Sarah then chased her sister and pushed her off the cliff to her death.

When Sarah wakes up in the morning, Mia has disappeared and her ex-husband Pete (Damon Herriman) has arrived in a panic. They are looking for Mia and it is suggested that maybe Sarah did to Mia what she did to Alice, especially when she sees a body floating in the lake.

However, it’s all in Sarah’s head, and Mia is found safely under a nearby bush. Later that night, Sarah holds Mia in her bed and talks to her as if she were Alice, telling her that she told their mother that she ran away. Alice calls him a freak and Sarah agrees, “I’m a freak.”

Once Sarah is asleep, Mia sees the bunny in the doorway and follows him. The next morning, Mia is not in the house and Sarah looks out the mirror to see Alice and Mia walking hand in hand towards the same cliff Sarah pushed Alice away from.

Sarah frantically knocks on the window to bring Mia back, and the film cuts to black, leaving Mia’s fate ambiguous.

It’s up to the viewer to decide what was actually real and what was just a manifestation of Sarah’s unresolved guilt and grief for what she did to her sister, including whether Mia was truly driven upon his death by Alice.

You can read that the mysterious bunny was Alice resurrected in bunny form, and the final moments are Alice punishing Sarah for what she did to her. Besides being the rabbit, Alice’s spirit also took over Mia whenever she talked about being Alice.

Likewise, this could all have been in Sarah’s head. Earlier in the film, Mia explained how her grandfather said he would return as a pelican to “keep an eye out” for Sarah. Combined with Sarah’s guilt, she could have manifested the idea that Alice had come back to haunt her for what she had done.

In this case, it’s possible that the entire final sequence is in Sarah’s head after she confesses everything to “Alice”. It doesn’t quite explain how Mia sees the bunny and follows him when Sarah is sleeping, but maybe Sarah just has a vivid imagination and her nightmare is very detailed.

In the end, it’s probably up to you how you want to see it, and whether Sarah actually doomed Mia to her fate when she pushed Alice off the cliff as a child.


Running Rabbit Running is available to watch.

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